“Do not open that email to listen to the voice message on WhatsApp: it is a virus”

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Security experts warn users: an email message circulates inviting them to listen to a voice message, but it is actually malicious content that causes a Trojan to install on the device

A new virus circulates on WhatsApp, “disguised” as a voice message.

Malicious content arrives via email with the subject “Missed call.” Within the message, you are invited to click the play button to listen to an audio content. Actually, clicking on the player automatically starts the download of a Trojan, which installs itself inside the device, infecting it.

whatsapp-2 voice messages virus

Eset’s cybersecurity experts raised the alarm, the Irish company that produces, among other things, the well-known NOD32 antivirus, which warns: if a message appears in the mailbox with the subject “Missed call”, the advice is to throw it away immediately.