Discover is updated with Likes as a social network

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Google Discover has introduced many new features this year, such as its stories or free paid news, although the latter did not reach Spain. A few weeks ago we already talked about the change that Google introduced in this news feed, which was the way to indicate if an article you like. It seems that the changes in this regard are continuing.

Discover continues its progress to become a kind of social network thanks to the arrival of your new Likes. This is something that is currently in the testing phase, but that some users have already seen in the Google application on their Android phones.

Google Discover introduces likes

In a previous update, Google introduced the new method of indicating whether you like an article, which is through hearts, as in social networks. This Likes system follows your progress on Discover, since now a Likes counter will be displayed. At the bottom of an article, you find the option to like it and when you do this, the number of likes that said article has accumulated will be displayed.

This counter can help you more users interact with a certain content. If a person sees that an article has a high amount of Likes it may be something that encourages him to read it. This may be the idea behind Google, to justify the arrival of this new feature to your news feed.

In addition, those pages that appear in Discover will get more traffic as the number of the heart counter increases, allowing them to reach more users in this way, which is another aspect that may be of interest to them and to Google.

Google is testing Discover With this feature, which is already starting to come out to some users on Android. Although so far there are no dates for the arrival in general, although it should not take too long to become official this new function, which brings this news feed to a social network.

The Discover entry is updated with Likes as a social network appears first in The Free Android.