Design, functionality and performance: everything you need to know about the Apple Watch SE

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The new entry-level smartwatch was unveiled on September 15 by Tim Cook. A watch at an affordable price (from 309 euros), but with advanced functions

Apple has announced its new affordable smartwatch with a modern design. Apple Watch SE, this is the chosen name, it was presented during the streaming event during which the Cupertino giant unveiled the characteristics of the 6 series of its smart watch and the new iPads (8 and Air 4). The new affordable watch will be available from September 18: the version with GPS will only have an initial cost of 309 euros, while the more advanced version, with the ability to manage incoming and outgoing calls, will cost from 359 euros.

The screen of the new Apple Watch SE

The first standout feature of the new Apple Watch SE is the Retina display, larger and more advanced, allowing you to better see details and information. The watch has the same accelerometer, gyroscope and altimeter as the 6 series, this means that we cannot speak of a B series smartwatch, but rather an advanced device available at an affordable price. The device can also take advantage of motion sensors latest, as well as offering powerful health and safety features, including fall detection, you’re emergencies and international emergency calls.

Smartwatch even for the little ones

A strong point of the new Apple Watch SE is undoubtedly the operating system. With watchOS 7, users can take advantage of new features, including Family setup, which allows even the smallest or family members who do not have an iPhone to enjoy the Apple Watch. Other features include sleep monitoring, automatic hand wash detection (very useful these days), and lots of new workouts. With the new software, users can take dial customization to a new level with 7 new options, including Stripes, Chronograph Pro, GMT, and Artist.

Design and performance

From an aesthetic point of view, the design follows that of the Series 5: Apple Watch SEs have a casing made of recycled aluminum and they are compatible with all Apple bands, including new ones from home, Single loop and Solo Loop Intrecciato, in extendable silicone and adaptable to users’ wrists.

The new Cupertino smartwatches are equipped with a dual-core processor and S5 System in Package (SiP), which guarantee fast performance, up to two times higher than the Apple Watch Series 3. The SE series also integrates speakers and microphones, optimized for superior audio quality. phone calls and Siri, as well as technology Bluetooth 5.0.

Sport and health

Apple Watch SEIt could not be otherwise, it is optimized for sports and different types of physical activity. The state-of-the-art always-on altimeter indicates altitude in real time and uses a barometric altimeter with greater energy efficiency, GPS and nearby Wi-Fi networks. This also makes it possible to detect small changes in altitude above ground level, up to a measurement of about 30 centimeters. The new entry-level smartwatches also have integrated compass, capable of providing more precise indications, in addition to inclination, altitude, latitude and longitude.

The new Apple Watch SE (as well as the Series 6) have a integrated SOS function, with which customers can call for help and alert emergency services with the push of a button. To this is added the fall detection, which uses an algorithm and recent accelerometers to detect if the user has fallen: By analyzing the trajectory of the wrist and the acceleration of the impact, Apple Watch sends the user a notification after the fall, which can be canceled or used to perform a emergency call.

The features of Apple Watch SE

  • Recycled aluminum box
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • New operating system watchOS 7
  • Family setup
  • Latest generation altimeter
  • SOS function integrated
  • New fitness activities
  • starting price from 309 euros

All the news from Apple on September 15 (VIDEO)