Deep Nostalgia revives old photos: how you can animate images with MyHeritage

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Deep Nostalgia revives old photos: how you can animate images with MyHeritage

A new platform service MyHeritage, specialized in family trees, is causing an absolute furore: Deep Nostalgia allows us to relive our ancestors from a simple photo. We explain how to access this impressive image animation tool using Artificial Intelligence from your Android.

Imagine that you have a black and white photo of a relative that you were not lucky enough to meet. Static, her features unaltered and fixed in an instant long gone. Well then: artificial intelligence can animate such a photo to almost bring the person portrayed to life. And the best part is that you can get it directly from your Android: this is Deep Nostalgia from MyHeritage. Be careful, it makes an impression.

Artificial intelligence brings photos to life. Literally

Deep nostalgia

MyHeritage is a platform that dedicates its services to families who want to keep their memories for posterity. The company allows create a complete family tree, offers DNA analysis and it has different sections with which to save from familiar data to images from photo albums. And that is precisely where the new feature that has exploded in popularity points: Deep Nostalgia.

The aforementioned Deep Nostalgia applies different three-dimensional facial animations on static portrait photos (the images must be in good enough condition). These photos can even be improved: the platform itself offers tools with which to automatically restore old portraits. They work really well, just like Deep Nostalgia itself.

To revive your old photos (always with portraits in the foreground) you should do the following:

  • Move the photo you want to revive to the device where you are going to use Deep Nostalgia.
  • Download the MyHeritage app or access from your mobile browser to the web. Currently the app seems saturated: if you cannot register, use the browser.
  • Touch register: Deep Nostalgia cannot be used without a MyHeritage account. You can use the email and password or use the login from Google or Facebook.
  • Once you have your account, go to the ‘Photos’ section. It’s at the bottom of the cover and in the side menu on the left.
Deep nostalgia
  • Click on the bottom ‘+’ and choose the photo you want.
  • Click on ‘Upload’: the image will be uploaded to your photo album.
  • Go to the uploaded photo and click on it.
  • You will see that several icons appear at the top. Click on ‘Animate’.
  • Wait for the AI ​​to analyze the photo and revive it – it may take half a minute.
  • Once the person has revived, you will see that MyHeritage offers you the option to choose between different animations. Try to see what effect is achieved with each one.
Deep nostalgia Upload process from mobile browser
  • If you are in the phone’s browser you can directly load the photos page from this link. Then follow the process of the app: upload the images from the camera icon (upper part), click on the uploaded photo and then on the animate icon.
  • When you have chosen the animation, click on the button to download the video and it will be downloaded to the device. The only downside is that it will have a MyHeritage watermark.

{“videoId”: “x7zoic7”, “autoplay”: true, “title”: “Marie Curie animated with Deep Nostalgia”}

The process for animating old photos is straightforward, but a bit cumbersome. In the event that the application does not show the option to animate (it seems that MyHeritage could have eliminated it) you can access Deep Nostalgia from the mobile browser. The results are identical.

Deep Nostalgia is an integrated service on MyHeritage. It’s free for a limited number of photos. In the event that the platform does not let you animate more images try using the web service from the mobile browser.

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Deep Nostalgia revives old photos: how you can animate images with MyHeritage

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