DAZN does not load, cuts or gives problems? Possible solutions

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DAZN does not load, cuts or gives problems? Possible solutions 1

DAZN is the Netflix of sports, a streaming platform that allows us to watch sports on demand or sports online in exchange for a monthly payment, a subscription. A highly recommended platform if you want to follow all kinds of competitions: football, basketball, tennis, hockey … But it works through the Internet and you may encounter a problem when playing content. The video does not load in DAZN, what can we do?

From their website they give us some instructions or others depending on the device you are using. It is compatible with all types of devices: From tablets and phones of the Apple brand and also from Android phones and tablets and from the Amazon Fire tablet. On television, it can be used from Amazon Fire TV and Stick, from all Apple TV and Android TV devices and from the Chromecast. It is also compatible with Panasonic, Samsung, Hisense, Sony and LG brand televisions. And the users of a console will also be able to watch the sport through it because it is compatible with PlayStation 4 and Pro, with PS5, with Xbox One and Xbox One S, with Xbox One X, with Xbox Series X and with Xbox Series S.

Recommended connection speed

We must take into account the recommended speed, regardless Of the device what do you use, which indicates DAZN from its website. It is a live transmission of high quality video, but we cannot enjoy high quality if we do not have a good Internet connection on our computer, TV, etc.

  • 2.9 Mbps: Recommended internet download speed for SD (standard definition) resolution It would be suitable in case you want to watch sports on the mobile, for example, if you are not at home and you do not have the option of higher quality.
  • 3.5 Mbps– Recommended Internet download speed for HD (high definition) resolution. This speed is suitable for watching sports in your mobile phone as collected from official recommendations. It is recommended if you want to make sure that it is not cut and that it looks correctly.
  • 6.0 Mbps– Recommended Internet download speed for HD resolution and high frame rates. If you wants see it on tv This is the recommended speed for viewing on a large screen and in HD resolution without cuts.
  • 8.0 Mbps– Recommended internet download speed for HD resolution, highest video quality, and high frame speeds. It is the most appropriate. It will always be more advisable to have more, but from the official recommendations they mark 8.0 Mbps as speed “minimal”For this quality.

Taking this into account, we must see what to do in case the video does not load.

What steps to follow

What if DAZN doesn’t load, if the video doesn’t load, you can’t watch the game. Although DAZN recommends different steps depending on the device, they are all common regardless of whether you see it from your computer, TV, etc. Then we will find other specific steps depending on the device. We have to follow a few simple steps that will allow us to rule out the problem or see if it is an error on the web in general, in the speed of our computer or our connection or a problem with the browser. Or simply that the event does not work, but other events of the streaming platform do work.

  • Check the connection

The first thing to do is check the Internet connection. You must close the player or open another window or tab and open the page to see if it works or if an error message appears. If it doesn’t appear, the connection is working. We can also open any other Internet page to check if everything is correct or not. In case the connection works on the computer, we continue …

  • Check the speed

We can use a web page that measures our Internet connection to see if it is sufficient to connect us and play a video on DAZN or not. If the speed is insufficient, it will be the reason why the video does not load. We can go to the website speed test where we will check if the connection speed is good for streaming. It is possible that the connection works to load a page, but that it does not do it in case you want put a video and it loads correctly. Taking into account the speeds given in previous sections, we will know if it should load or not, if the problem is with the Internet connection or not.

  • Try other events

If the video does not load, you can try another event that is on DAZN. It may not work because it has not started or that there is a specific problem. Go to another and see if it works. When it works, go back to the original event.

  • Try another browser and change the settings

If you are on the computer, try another browser in case yours does not work or is not compatible with DAZN. Try various options like Chrome, Opera. But you can also try updating to the latest version that is available.

Another option within the browser itself is to delete cookies and cache. This will depend on the one you are using, but they all allow us to do it from the settings section easily. We simply have to go to Google Chrome> We open the three points in the upper right corner> We will Setting > Privacy and security. Here, you choose “Clear browsing data”. You clear cache and cookies and try to open the event again. Check if the video is already uploaded.


Fix problems on other devices

There are other specific problems that we can solve depending on the device you are going to use. Concrete of each of the devices.

On the PlayStation

If none of the above works on the PlayStation we can follow a few steps. The first thing, then restart the application or force the closure to see if it loads the video.

  • Go to the PS button on your PlayStation
  • Go to the section “TV and video”
  • Find the DAZN app
  • Press the options button on the controller
  • Select “Close the application”
  • Go to the app and start again, check if it works

We can also force the closure by tapping on “Close” in the drop-down menu or we can restart the PlayStation. Turn off, wait ten to twenty seconds, turn on again and check if the video loads or if other apps work fine.

On mobile phones or tablets

What we should do in the case of mobile phones or tablets is, first, check if the app is compatible with the device. In iOS we must bear in mind that it must be iPhone 5 or higher, iPod Touch 5th generation or higher, iPad 2 or higher. In the case of Android, it must be a device with operating system 4.4 or higher.

In both cases we must check that the connection is available or we can check if there is some current version of the application so that we update either from Google Play or from the App Store. We can also restart the application or even restart mobile phone or tablet following the steps that will depend on the model and brand you have.

In iOS, we double click on the start button to see the recently used ones, we slide our finger to the right or to the left and swipe up on the DAZN preview screen to close it. In the case of Android, the steps are similar: we can press and hold the application on the screen by touching its icon, a series of options will appear and we touch on “information” and then touch on “force stop”.

DAZN does not load, cuts or gives problems? Possible solutions 2

On the Smart TV

In the case of the television, we can first check if it works on another device, if it works in another event. And if not, we can restart the application, although the steps will depend on the brand and model, on the version of the operating system you have. In some Samsung televisions, as explained from the website itself, we can hold down the “Back” button for a few seconds and it will show us the option to exit the application. If this doesn’t work, we can turn off and unplug for 10 or 20 seconds and plug it in again to see if everything is correct. Or, we can uninstall and reinstall the application on the Smart TV, although it will depend on the operating system that you have to follow some steps or others.


Another option is, on some televisions, to check if the Internet is working properly on the television. Check the connection. In the case of having a Samsung Smart TV we can follow these steps:

  • Go to button home of command
  • Choose the option “Net”
  • Mark “Network Configuration
  • Choose the type of connection
    • LAN cable from the router, plug it into the TV
    • Wifi: choose the network you need and enter the password to connect


Nothing works: how to contact

If none of the above works, check your router or contact the streaming platform if the only thing that does not load are the videos from the app, but everything else works correctly. We can contact through a chatbot on their website in the contact section where you will have to identify yourself and give the information, tell what happens to you. From here, an agent will tell you what you can do or what alternatives are there beyond all the steps you can read in these paragraphs.

If not, there are other options like sending an email to [email protected] or write through social networks. You can write to @DAZN_ES_HELP or simply to the @DAZN_Es account. We can write directly to @DAZN_es through a tweet and they will answer us from its help website trying to solve any problem, although it is more advisable to do it through the chat on your website where we can explain everything and follow the steps indicated to solve it as soon as possible.

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