dark mode, small size and more

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One of the most used social networks in the world and which is also owned by Mark Zuckerberg, follows in the footsteps of Facebook Lite (in fact, they have compiled its base), with a more shortened option for Android. A reduced version that has several interesting details and that has things to keep in mind, in case you are interested in trying it.

Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite

Same Instagram experience in a small size

A daring that ventured into India has become a huge success forced to spread to many countries around the world. Specifically, it has spread by 170 countries, although they are not what we could imagine. Although a global launch is being expected, for the moment the route has been focused on countries with lower bandwidth and where Internet connections are not as prolific, as can happen in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The application was launched as a way to offer an optimized experience of the native Instagram application with “Lite” aspects and fewer system resources required to access the service to share or view photos. To achieve this, we are basically facing a web application to which they have been added some image loading and viewing tools.

It is intended for users who lack ultra-fast data connections and high-end smartphones. That means certain features are removed, with AR filters, animations, and some transitions being removed from Instagram Lite to ensure it runs on very basic hardware and with unstable network conditions. At 3MB in size, the Instagram Lite app is about 90% smaller than the full version of the Instagram app, but retains many of the same “basic” features.

Support for Reels and

Among those essential functions, we find messages, filters to edit photos on Instagram, profiles, stories and even video messages are still present. There’s no denying that performance levels are lower on this streamlined version of the photo and video sharing platform, and scrolling is often slow compared to the full version.

In addition, with this application users can access Reels. That Instagram has stopped supporting Reels is no coincidence, since TikTok is blocked in India and a good part of its users are from there, so it is an excellent situation to boost its video platform. Of course, they can be seen, but not recorded. Another aspect to highlight for the user experience is that, At the moment, the app has no ads in the interface.