Cyberpunk 2088, download the Android clone of CD Projekt’s game

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Table of Contents

You don’t have to be very smart to know who this intrepid game is inspired by. And is that Cyberpunk 2077, the development of CD Projekt, is a game that gives a lot to talk about, and not only because of its numerous bugs, glitches and other misfortunes. The fact is that it is still a very new title and with a very immersive story, one of the best that is remembered in an open world title.

But no, because luckily or not, it’s time to analyze a copy of this Cyberpunk 2077. Whether or not there is a mobile adaptation, this Cyberpunk 2088 wants to make its mark in its own way. And that way is to make a small attempt to differentiate itself from the original version, but that really ends up being the opposite, a disastrous and horrifying result.

Cyberpunk 2088
Cyberpunk 2088

A bad copy of Cyberpunk 2077 for Android

Clones have already come out of the title of CD Projekt to take advantage of its pull. And who says clones, says slops that use his name and aesthetics to see if some unsuspecting bites and downloads it. But we, who like to try everything, be it good or bad, have decided to bite the bullet and see what this game has in store for us.

cyberpunk 2088 start

As soon as you download it and click on the icon that gives access to this futuristic adventure, we can already see that the introduction is not hopeful. We have a background with two badly placed buildings, a car flying just because, and a button to start. We have been daring and we have clicked on »Start»Although the action has not yet started because we must opt ​​for two game modes, nothing more and nothing less. One is called ‘Walk in the future’ and the other ‘Drive a flying car’. Speaking in silver, one serves to explore the city on foot as a good open world game that it should be (although it is not by far, and whoever warns is not a traitor); while the other mode allows us to drive a flying car.

Let’s try it with the first way. Whoops! We realize at the moment that it is one of the most useless modes in history, since absolutely nothing can be done. The game plants us in an esplanade that, instead of being the street of a city or something similar, looks like an industrial sized underground nightclub. The ground emits lights as if it were an eighties dance floor, along with robots that passionately dance to music that is repeated over and over again.

cyberpunk 2088 racing

In fact, the only task is to drive a flying car, so we could have saved a step when choosing the game mode. When we wander around the map a bit (if you can call it that), we can only enter a nightclub where there are more robots dancing, which is quite a novelty. In that second mode of Cyberpunk 2088, the cars only travel on a straight road, full of lights each stranger that you will not know if you have to dodge or cross. A kind of endless runner, but very disturbing and that makes you want to just get out of the game.

Game development, graphics and performance: disastrous

Leaving the irony behind, suffice it to say, although you can see for yourself, that any resemblance to the original is purely coincidental. The 11 years difference from the original version has made this mobile game from Hittite Games very bad. Instead of advancing in the graphic section for a purely chronological reason, it has gone backwards, like crabs.

cyberpunk 2088 graphics

The game is not that it is well optimized, but it is fatally developed. The frame rate may be hovering around 15 FPS, deplorable definition of the elements, the physics of the stage are not worked at all, throwing away all the work that is being done in this regard with mobile games; the animations of the characters involved are looped or even immobile. We could fuck like this all day if we wanted to.

cyberpunk 2088 bug

As a recommendation for the health of your eyes, it is better not to bring the avatar, the camera or whatever the hell we are handling to any object, much less enter the aforementioned nightclub. The camera starts shaking at extreme levels, with risks that make us dizzy or suffer a seizure of epilepsy because of this tremendous botch. To top it off, the joystick has a serious comprehension problem, since he confuses moving the character with moving the camera, sometimes doing both at the same time. Until we can go through the textures and reach an underworld that will undoubtedly be more interesting than what the game offers us.

Conclusion: install it just to laugh and erase it

In concluding this terrifying analysis, we wanted to do so for the good of our readers. This section is always to recommend interesting games that should be known or that should have a greater depth of the qualities they offer, but today we had to make an exception. This U-turn comes to seek to save you time and do not download this copy so badly executed, which seems more like a joke to strain publicity. Something curious is the score on Google Play, with more than 4 stars, something that certainly smells like a trapped cat.