Cyberattack on Phone House: 3 million customers affected

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Cyberattack on Phone House: 3 million customers affected 1

An attack by ransomware makes an appearance again and in this case the objective has been Phone House. According to El Confidencial, the company has suffered a cyberattack and the data from more than 3 million customers would be at stake.

Cyber ​​attacks are more present than ever and precisely lately we have had news of large companies affected by ransomware, one of the most recent has been that of the SEPE in Spain, but also a few months ago it was Garmin who was completely blocked or the Cadena SER.

Now Phone House, the mobile phone store franchise that has been in Spain since 1997, has suffered a ransomware attack and they demand a ransom in exchange for the data of 3 million customers and employees.

Customer data at stake

Cyberattack on Phone House: 3 million customers affected 2

From El Confidencial they report that up to 10 company databases have been affected and include very sensitive data from Phone House customers and employees, including basic information, but also bank account numbers and home addresses.

The protagonist of the attack is ransomware Babuk locker, which has been talking about since the beginning of the year and whose objective is, mainly, companies and corporations. During this same month the Houston Rockets NBA team was also a victim of Babuk.

As with all ransomware attacks, attackers ask for a ransom in exchange for information. In case of not paying, they will make public all the personal information of the users.

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