Customize Samsung’s share menu to the maximum with the new Good Lock

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One of the latest news from Samsung in Spain is the official arrival of Good Lock, a set of applications that allow you to further customize the One UI customization. These types of improvements come in independent applications because they are experiments by the company itself in its user experience, but the truth is that sometimes they are so well thought out that if you use a Samsung mobile, they are a must.

On a personal level, my must-haves today were Theme Park and the recently launched Keys Café. But watch out for the Home Up update, a module that has been updated so that the share menu of your Samsung is completely personalized.

Make the most of the share menu of your Samsung Galaxy with the latest from Good Lock

Customize Samsung's share menu to the maximum with the new Good Lock 1

Home Up is a Good Lock module that focuses on adding functions to the One UI launcher, Samsung’s customization layer. For whatever reason, the latter functionality doesn’t seem to have much to do with the launcher, but they’ve still included it.

His name isShare Manager, and among other things it allows us to customize the share menu. As soon as we open it, it offers us the following options:

  • Sharing Data Detail:Details about what we are going to share, whether it is an image, a file, a web page.
  • Nearby Share HeAirdrop for Android it’s built into the Samsung menu. If you don’t want to have it there, you can disable it.
  • Show Direct Share:Shortcut to activate or deactivate Direct Share, the Android function that suggests favorite contacts.
    • Add Favorite Direct Share:Instead of the system suggesting contacts, choose your favorites and they will stay there.
  • Select share applications:Choose the applications that will appear in the menu.

Customize Samsung's share menu to the maximum with the new Good Lock 2

The options do not have a twist, and we simply choose what we want to have in each part of the share menu. Easy and useful.

Home Up is available in the Good Lock app, as well as in the Galaxy Store. If it is not available in your country, you can also download from APKMirror.

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