Cristiano Ronaldo comes to Free Fire to be Chronos

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111dots Studio has been in charge of raising the level of his battle royale and giving him worldwide visibility along with a superstar that not many expected to find in this title. In this way, Garena Free Fire hits the table with respect to Fortnite and PUBG, which have also included celebrities in their events.

Garena Free Fire: Booyah Day

Cristiano Ronaldo, new Free Fire ambassador

This all has to do with the next event ‘Operation Chrono’ of Free Fire in the month of December. Apart from being the ambassador and the spitting image of this battle royale, the Portuguese crack will incarnate a new character for the online games of this game. In this way, and under the motto ‘The game is changing’, Ronaldo will be Chronos, a soldier from another world.

Cristiano Ronaldo Chronos

And we don’t say it because he is Cristiano Ronaldo and because he is considered a star in the world of football, but because the characteristics of the character also reflect that idea. Chrono will wear an outfit in line with Garena Free Fire, dominated by black and with futuristic details, but the face will be unmistakable. With his shaved chin and cropped hair, he really we can control Cristiano Ronaldo in one of the most fashionable mobile games.

The date for the arrival of the footballer to this game will be December 19, although to achieve it, we can anticipate. We must collect five pieces of a puzzle, whose final piece ends up forming the figure of the ambassador. There are five vignettes, and each one includes some part of the body of the aforementioned ambassador. Also, the game gives us up to 9 chances to enter the correct name of Cristiano Ronaldo to get it for free.

Other news in the update of ‘Operation Chrono’

Despite being the great attraction of the moment, 111dots Studio has taken the opportunity to include other elements that have nothing to do with Cristiano Ronaldo being in Free Fire. And they are no less interesting for that, since they will include such visual elements as weapons, new minigame in training ground or changes to the electric surfboard, reducing its speed and its cooldown.

p90 golden free fire

Without a doubt, the most remarkable thing is the arrival of new weapons. In particular there are two, although one of them was already in the battle royale catalog. This is the case of the P90, that if we rank up to Gold III or higher, we will receive the exclusive Clash Squad article, the P90 Golden. As its name suggests, it will have a totally shiny and golden appearance, although it will have the same characteristics. On the other hand, the one that does arrive as new is Akimbo vector, which is the first to arrive Free Fire, with a short effective range, but devastating power at close range.