Creating wallpapers with emojis for your mobile is that simple

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Creating wallpapers with emojis for your mobile is that simple 1

Emojis are an essential part of the conversations of millions of Android users in Spain. Each new version of Android leaves us with new emojis and the Google keyboard allows us to create our own combinations of emojis. If you want to be able to have them as wallpaper on your phone, there is a website that makes it possible.

Emoji Supply is the name of this website, which helps us to create a wallpaper for our Android smartphone, which will star an emoji or emojis that we like. So you will have fun and unique wallpapers to use on your phone.

Create wallpapers on Android with emojis

Create wallpapers with emojis

The operation of Emoji Supply is really simple. When you enter the web, you will be able to choose the emoji you want to use for your Android wallpaper, in addition to customizing the colors, to choose those colors that you think are best on your smartphone. You will be able to test how that background changes with each of the options you choose. If you like the background, you just have to save it or copy it, in case you want to send it to someone. In addition, they leave us with different formats so you can create the ideal type of background.

Thanks to the huge number of emojis out there, you can create a multitude of combinations for these wallpapers. On the web, the emoticons of each operating system (Android and iOS) are respected at all times, so if you use those of iOS for a background on your Android phone, they will not be visible.

Emoji supply backgrounds

For those Android users looking always have unique wallpapers, Emoji Supply is presented as a good opportunity to consider, thanks to the many possible combinations that we can use with emojis. You can create all kinds of funds to use later on your phone.

Emoji Supply create backgrounds

The website is light and easy to use, so any user will be able to create their own funds thanks to it. You just have to enter this link and start creating those funniest wallpapers with your favorite emojis.

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