Create timelapse videos with zoom effect on Android: this is HyperZoom

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HyperZoom featured

Creating videos in timelapse is something that many users in Spain want. There are applications in Android to do this, even some like the Google camera have this option natively. HyperZoom is an application that goes beyond the conventional timelapse videos that we all know.

The main purpose in HyperZoom is the power to create videos in timelapse with zoom effect. Instead of leaving the camera still and simply making the images move, with this app we can create different videos, where the camera itself moves, obtaining this zoom effect.

HyperZoom: create timelapse videos with zoom effect

HyperZoom interface

HyperZoom’s premise is not too different to that of other applications on Android with which to make a timelapse. In it we will also take photos from time to time and then put them together to create a video of that moment. What makes this application different is that those timelapse videos we create have a zoom effect, inspired by advertisements or movies.

The application interface is simple, allowing any Android user to be able to create their timelapse without any problem. When we press on the trigger, the camera will take pictures every so often. Those are the photos that will be used later to create said video. The application also has video stabilization, which will help in case we have not always kept the camera straight when taking those photos.

HyperZoom edit

We are given several options to take those photos, like interval time, the focus type or the aspect ratio. Once this is configured, we will only have to take those photos with precision. The first attempts may cost something, but you will soon have mastered the use of this application. Once that video is obtained, you can share it with other applications, in case you want other people to see it.

Watch video

HyperZoom is an application that we can download for free in the Play Store. The application has a Pro mode, a paid version, where we have access to all its options without limit, with a single payment of 2.49 euros. If you want, you can try this payment method for 7 days.

Create timelapse videos with zoom effect on Android: this is HyperZoom 1

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