Create shortcuts on Android to websites, folders and files

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Android devices have various options that help improve productivity. A really interesting one is the possibility of add website shortcuts to the home screen. The same goes for directories and documents. In both cases, you will find an ideal way to organize yourself better and obtain quick access to various resources on the network or from your terminal’s memory. Do you want to know everything about shortcuts on Android? In the following lines we will tell you about it.

How to pin websites to the Android home screen

Most browsers on Android allow you to send a website to the home screen. For example, Google Chrome, which is one of the most used, helps you do it in a few steps. After opening the page you want to pin, open the main menu represented by three vertical dots.

Open Chrome menuOpen Chrome menu

In the contextual menu select the option Add to Home screen.

Add web to home screenAdd web to home screen

By default, Chrome uses the page title to name the shortcut. However, you can modify this value to suit your needs. After specifying the name of your new shortcut, tap Add.

Customize the name of the shortcutCustomize the name of the shortcut

In the confirmation dialog, tap again on Add.

Confirm the creation of access to the webConfirm the creation of access to the web

Your new shortcut will be waiting for you on the last page of your main screen.

Create folder shortcuts on Android

Similarly, it is possible pin directories regardless of whether they are in internal memory or in the cloud. In the first case, you need to use a file browser that supports this function. A very effective one is File Commander.

After locating the directory, tap on the three dots to open the context menu.

Locate directory and open optionsLocate directory and open options

Then, click on Create shortcut.

Directory optionsDirectory options

Confirm the creation of the shortcut with the button Add.

Confirm creation of directory accessConfirm creation of directory access

If your directory is in the cloud, for example, in Google Drive, you can also add a shortcut easily. Once you have the folder on the screen, open the options menu by tapping on the three dots.

Open directory options in DriveOpen directory options in Drive

There choose the option Add to Home screen.

Create ShortcutCreate Shortcut

As you have done before, confirm with the button Add.

Add cloud directory accessAdd cloud directory access

Following both methods you will get a direct access to any folder that you use regularly.

Create shortcuts to photos, videos, and documents

If you wish create a shortcut to a file you must follow a method very similar to the previous one. With it it is possible to create shortcuts to documents, songs, videos or files in any other format. Use File Commander to find the file and open the main menu.

Locate file in explorerLocate file in explorer

Tap on Create shortcut.

Create shortcut to fileCreate shortcut to file

Confirm with the button Add.

Shortcut creation confirmationShortcut creation confirmation

Also, the process is similar if the file is in the cloud. In Google Drive you just have to open the file menu.

Open file menu in DriveOpen file menu in Drive

Tap on Add to Home screen.

Add shortcut to file from DriveAdd shortcut to file from Drive

To finish, confirm with Add.

Confirm the addition of the shortcut from DriveConfirm the addition of the shortcut from Drive

From then on, you can quickly access your files from the home screen.