Create quick and simple reminders with Remind Me

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Remind Me cover

Remind Me is a new app for Android that is characterized by being simple enough so that we can even forget about the dozens of options that other apps present like Todoist, or, and that we probably don’t even need.

So if we look for an app that focus on creating quick reminders in notification bar, Remind Me can be perfect for it. And what has been said, let’s not look beyond what has been mentioned, apart from some detail that we are going to show you.

Create a quick reminder with Remind Me

Remind Me screenshot

And if it is simple, it is because from the first moment we start it, we will meet in front of a single screen with three tabs: one to create the reminder, another for the saved ones and another as a timeline to keep track of the next scheduled events.

From a monochrome and minimalist design, with a light or dark mode that we can activate, Remind Me invites us to put a title, add content, select priority and choose between three options to make the reminder persistent, save it, or schedule it at an hour.

It is an application that, although from the first minute shows how practical it is, it does it will allow us to have controlled important events of the week. And although it is not yet translated into Spanish, we will be able to handle it without major problems.

Make the notification persistent or save it

Options in the Reminder Me app

It is an app that doesn’t leave much room for customization, but it does allow us to configure that the reminders are persistent, as well as the possibility of saving them. Of course, we can forget about labeling reminders to classify them as happens in other to-do list apps, or attach files, and that for many tasks comes in handy.

Another of its characteristics is the ability to repeat a reminder schedule, and that is very important in an application of this type. We create the reminder, set the date and repeat it once, daily, selected days, weekly, monthly or annually.

The The basic idea of ​​this reminder app is that we focus on its main functionSo if our needs go through attaching files, or even adding a location to the reminder, we have a good list of Android apps such as Microsoft To Do or Google Tasks itself for those purposes.

Finally, we can save reminders so you have them on hand when we need them. And this is where we miss the labels to classify those reminders that can accumulate over time.

The minimalist design to attract

Remind Me on Android

With a style of own design based on black color or that grayscale present in the buttons, Remind Me is a minimalist and elegant app that invites us to try it from the first moment.

East design is present throughout the application and it is seen again with the cards when we have several reminders programmed from the programming tab. Everything is well designed to generate a modern user experience and that does not differ from other elegant applications that we have on Android.

Remind has recently come to Android and he still has to work on a few things to improve. It is not in Spanish, and we do not have the option to remove the persistent advertising that appears at the bottom of the screen when we are in the save and schedule tabs. And although that advertising does not take up much space, it does tarnish the user experience a bit.

In short, an app called Remind Me is very focused on creating quick reminders and that distances itself from those many other apps that are packed with features. It is available for free in the Play Store, so you can now give it a try to see if it suits you in your day to day with tasks and notes.

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