Create, discover and edit Lists on your Twitter profile quickly

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twitter lists

The microblogging social network has a frenetic pace and Tweets run in such a way that it can be difficult to see them all. A tool that helps us organize content are the Twitter lists.

Generally, there are many profiles that we follow on Twitter. Each of them can post multiple tweets every hour so they pile up on your timeline. With so much information accumulated, it is difficult not to lose the Tweets that interest you the most. That is why we are interested filter content according to different themes. Or even, even within the same theme, such as “News”, create a parallel index called “Last minute”, for example, to access only that type of content. Another way to segment Tweets can be by including the official profiles of brands or Administrations of which we are interested in keeping up to date.

What are Twitter lists

It is the tool that allows us organize the Tweets of the chronology (of the profiles that we follow) based on the criteria that we want. We can create as many as we want and organize the Tweets and themes as is most comfortable for us. Create one of them It implies that, when we access it, we will see in chronological order the Tweets published by the profiles that we have previously added.

They may be public or private. If we create them by making them public, the other profiles will be able to access them and see the publications of the profiles that we have added. This will only be possible as long as we do not have the restricted account, in which case they will only be visible to the profiles to which we have given permission to follow you. Those that are private can only be seen by ourselves, if we are not interested in letting others know which topics and profiles we give priority to, we should make them private.

When it comes to professional profiles, whose job is to manage profiles on Twitter, or if they are professionals who need to feed on the information that flows through this social network, the use of a tool like this is essential. In the first case it is important divide the profiles we follow by type of individual, they can be real clients, potential clients or suppliers. Through an efficient filtration we can attend in an orderly manner all the mentions or Tweets that we want. If it is important to obtain information through the sources that we consider most reliable, we can do so in order, by different themes, and without missing any publication.

Create a list

how to add a new list

To do it from the web version of Twitter we just have to access the menu Lists in the left sidebar and then click on the icon New list. The form will open to fill in all the data we want, the process is the following:

  • We upload the Photography heading to easily identify the theme.
  • We choose a Name (up to 25 characters), of course it is interesting that it be descriptive.
  • If we need to add additional information we do it in the field Description (up to 100 characters).
  • We define it as private activating the corresponding box if it is.
  • We click on Next.

create a new twitter list

If we want to do this same procedure from the mobile apps only the way to access the form to create them will vary. In the app for Android we will click on the menu icon or go to your profile, then on Lists and then in the option to create a new. To do it from ios the only way is accessing from your profile.

Add or remove people

There are three ways to add or remove people. The first way to do it is in the process of creating the List. Once we have clicked on Next as described in the previous process we will see a relationship of members, obviously it will be empty because we just created it, and a parallel index of suggestions. In this we can use the search engine to add profiles by clicking on the button with the same name. Remember that to be able to add a profile before we will have to follow you.

how to manage a twitter list

Once these have already been created previously, we have the other two ways to add or remove people. If we have a good memory and remember the names of the profiles you want to manage, it is recommended to follow this process:

  • Go to menu Lists.
  • Access the one we want to manage by pressing on it.
  • We will see the button Edit, you have to click on it.
  • Choose Manage members.
  • We will see the members additions (to eliminate the ones we want) or the suggested (to add new members).

add or remove people from lists

In case we are browsing the Timeline of our profile and we find a profile that we want to add to a priority place, which is the most frequent, we can follow the third way to add or remove members:

  • Go to that profile and click on the menu More “…”.
  • There we choose the tool Add / delete [nombre del perfil].
  • In the pop-up window, click on the Ready to which we want to add the profile, from which we intend remove it or click on Create a new to include him in a newly created relationship.

manage lists from a twitter profile

Fix and reorder

In the same way that you can set your own Tweet to appear first when they access your profile, you can also fix them so that they appear as a priority. To do this we just have to go to the menu Lists and click on the pushpin that is to the right of the name of each one of them.

Thus, we will observe the elements set in the first place so that it will be more convenient to access the Tweets of those chosen topics. Of course, there is a limitation of up to 5 fixed ratios. In the case of wanting to reorder the collections that we follow, we only have to access the menu on the left sidebar, click on Edit and drag while holding down on each item.

Discover lists

When we access our chronology we can find a link Discover new lists. We can enter to take a look at the suggestions that Twitter makes us based on our tastes and behavior on the social network. All of them will have the button next to them Follow to press it. If we go to Show more We will find the rest of the suggestions and a search engine for all those created by other profiles.

See which lists you are on

As with the list of followers, we like to control it and find out the latest additions, we like to control the directories, created by third-party users, in which we are included so that our Tweets appear as a priority in the chronologies of other profiles. To find out in which of them we are added we must do the following:

  • Go to menu Lists.
  • Click on the icon More “…”.
  • Click on Lists you are on.

It is likely that we will take more than one surprise if we are active people publishing regularly and generating engagement when we see the set of filters that others have created to give us a special place.


To abandon one of them, created by another profile, it is mandatory that let’s block that profile. In that case we have to follow the following steps:

  • Let’s go to the menu Lists.
  • We click on the icon More “…”.
  • We choose the option Lists you are on.
  • We click on the element that we want to abandon.
  • We click on the icon again More “…”.
  • We click on To block [nombre de usuario].

Report lists

In order to make a report Because we consider that it may be violating the Twitter community rules, we must access the relationship in question and go to the section More “…” to choose Report list.

report a twitter list

At that time the complaint form, similar to the one we use to report a Tweet or profile, and we choose one of the reasons for whom we want to file the complaint: We are not interested, commit abuses or are harmful or express suicide intentions. From there, the Twitter user service departments will be in charge of the rest of the process and you will be informed of the decisions made.

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