Create colorful effects on your screen when listening to music with Muviz Edge

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Muviz Edge

It is common for users in Spain listen to streaming music on your Android phones, with applications like Spotify. When you’re listening to music in apps like Spotify, nothing happens on the screen, on some mobiles you can control playback on the lock screen. Muviz Edge allows you to create color patterns on your screen when playing music.

The moment you are playing music, Muviz Edge will create color and light effects on the edges from your screen. It thus becomes the perfect accompaniment to your music streaming applications and customize the screen while you are playing music.

Create color and light effects

Muviz Edge settings

The idea of ​​Muviz Edge is to make music playback on your Android mobile something more spectacular, by creating light and color effects when you are playing music. In the corners of the screen these effects will be created, with different colors. This app is compatible with the main streaming applications, such as Spotify, both streaming and offline.

The application allows you customize those effects to be displayed on the screen when you play music. You can choose the type of effect (lines, waves) and within these categories we have many types, so that we can choose the one we like the most. In addition, we can also customize the colors, choosing the color combinations that we like the most. All this allows us to obtain the effect we want in the app.

Muviz Edge effects

In the settings we can also select with which applications to use these effects that we have created, as well as the time shown on the screen or the intensity of them. Each user will be able to adjust this in the way they want, which best suits their needs when playing music on Android. Muviz Edge is easy to configure, so you will not have problems in this regard, even though it is available only in English.

How to download Muviz Edge on Android

Muviz Edge operation

Muviz Edge is an application that can download for free on Android, available in the Play Store. The application has ads inside, which we can eliminate with a paid version that also gives us access to packs of different effects. There are two payment versions, one for 1.29 euros and another for 4.19 euros, with which you can access different packs of effects.

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