Create a Youtube channel for your business

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Youtube is the essential platform to watch video series, trainings, etc. This platform is filled with videos of all kinds. Today, there are Youtubers who essentially earn their living through the platform. Considering the impressive number of users each month, it would be an excellent source of visibility for businesses. Indeed, Youtube could allow your business to develop their activities. Creating a YouTube channel for your business or for yourself is very important.

Creating a good YouTube channel is not for everyone. Stay calm, we will guide you step by step in the success of your project. At the end of this article, you will have a Youtube channel in your name or that of your company. Then you will need to develop it with quality content.

What is the point of having a Youtube channel?

There are several major advantages of owning a Youtube channel. For a company, the products can be presented to a very large community via videos. In other words, the brand will experience an evolution and greater visibility among users of this global platform.

Find out below the value of owning a Youtube channel for your business:

  • Improve your natural reference
  • Optimize the brand reputation thanks to your content
  • Find the millions of users of the platform. This will have an impact on visibility of the company on mobile, computer, on media.
  • Chain Youtube is completely free. The company offers its services free of charge to millions of people.
  • Make oneself gains with his chain. You can monetize your Youtube channel by adding The advertisement to your videos.

How to easily create a Youtube channel

If you have a google account, you immediately have a Youtube account. If not yet, create a gmail account quickly to continue.

  • Meeting on Youtube
  • Then you have to connect to Youtube with your Google account. To do this, you must click on the user icon located at the top right.
  • Click again on your profile icon. Then click on create chain.
  • Then you need to select for me or for my business.
  • Enter the name of your channel (name of your company or yours).
how to create a youtube channel

How to create a Youtube channel on android?

You have the possibility to create a Youtube channel directly with your android phone. To do so:

  • Launch the Youtube application on your android
  • Then, tap on the profile icon at the top right of the screen. Then click on connect.
  • Tap add an account

Information on the YouTube platform

To gain visibility and notoriety, Youtube is essential for companies. This is because of the interesting numbers it generates every day.

  • Indeed, 500H of videos are published there every minute.
  • Youtube reveals to have reached 2 billion visitors per month.
  • Over 6 billion hours of videos are viewed.
  • In 2021, brand awareness will increase by 14% thanks to Youtube.
  • In France alone, the platform has 46 million active users each month.

The platform created by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley in 2005, being bought out by the giant Google allows many people to earn an ample living. Indeed, Youtube has given birth to millionaires. You and your business should also benefit.

How to have a good Youtube channel?

There are certain elements that should not be overlooked after creating a Youtube channel. They seem not useful, on the contrary they are essential to have a good chain.

Create a Youtube channel

Make a description

In the description, you will talk about your business. What is your business actually doing. This could cause users to subscribe to your channel. Give as much detail as possible to convert your visitors into subscribers. A good description is important, which is why it should be neat. Feel free to add links to your social networks and your website. Write a few things that will give your Youtube channel a boost.

Add remarkable coverage

A cover or a banner is the first element that captivates the visitor. Indeed, this is what your visitor sees first. It is a huge asset for your brand. A banner for a Youtube channel is invaluable in acquiring new subscribers. Pick the one that will truly suit your business, your vision.

To have a good rendering on different devices, Youtube recommends the use of a banner of 2048 x 1152 pixels minimum. And its size must be at most 6MB.

Besides, you can take advantage to add watermark to your videos. It is housed at the bottom right of each video. The recommended size is 150 x 150 pixels (1MB maximum).

Add a trailer

A trailer is a video of a few minutes intended to publicize its activity. It is not an obligation, of course. However, it could be a start for you to edit your first Youtube video.

Create quality and relevant content

You have to think about the creation of quality content and adapted to your target and your industry. Find the optimal way to talk about your products. For example, you can create a video on your different products to highlight them. Show how it can help your visitors.

Don’t just rely on videos about your services or products. Also think about your subscribers, offer videos around your sectors. Which could create interaction and comments.

Associate your social networks and your Youtube channel

Youtube has several million visitors per month. In addition, this is also the case for social networks Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, sharing your videos on these platforms can give more visibility to your video as well as your Youtube channel. Visibility is a cause of the creation of a Youtube channel. Share your videos, don’t doubt yourself.

Upload video

What is the use of a Youtube channel without any video? well nothing. You have to add your very first video to really launch your project. Before that, you have to shoot and edit the video. To upload, nothing could be simpler, you have to click on the blue button upload a video.

create a YouTube channel

Better reference your videos

Adding an online video requires a title, description and tags. Fill in this information accurately and use the keywords necessary for the description of the video. Find catchy titles for every video uploaded.

If you miss this step, your Youtube channel will have trouble getting visibility from the search bar. For this purpose, when a visitor is on Youtube. He enters the keywords of his research and the videos are presented accordingly. The powerful algorithm reassembles the videos according to their relevance.

However, don’t overdo the keywords. As the saying goes, too much excess is harmful.

Add videos regularly

For your channel to be successful, you need to regularly publish new videos. Upload one or two videos and stay there. Clearly, it is abandonment. If you want to be more visible, you have to work a lot in order to add at least two videos every week.

You have the option to record multiple videos in one day. Then you can schedule their publication for a month. It is a fairly substantial job.

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Link your Youtube channel to your website

Here we are. Your business now has a website and a Youtube channel. You have to link the two. For that, you can just create a link from your website to your channel. And vice versa, to bring on the one hand website visitors to your business channel. On the other hand, bringing visitors from the channel to your website. It’s all beneficial for you.

Have a community

If today we are talking about creating a Youtube channel. This is because of its popularity with millions of users per day. Some of these users can help you build a community around your business. How is it going ?

You have to create an interaction with your visitors. For this you must respond to the comment, find answers to the questions. In other words, you have to be available to visitors and listen to them.

Develop your Youtube channel through advertising

You’ve uploaded a lot of videos, and you’re struggling to get the visibility you expect. Advertising can be a great way to make your channel more visible. Youtube puts an important tool at your disposal in order to create and refine your ads.

It consists of targeting on age, center of interest, gender. You can showcase a product in order to get positive feedback.

Optimize your channel

You have finished creating a Youtube channel for your business. Also, you uploaded some videos and it works pretty well. Take the time to analyze performance. Like Google Analytics, Youtube has its analysis tool. This tool helps you in optimizing your videos. Thanks to Youtube Analytics, you will understand the performance of each of your videos. Thus, your targeting could be more effective for your next videos. Another good piece of advice on optimizing your videos would be adding transcripts. When you transcribe a YouTube video to text, you’re making it more searchable.

How to create a private Youtube channel

To hide the channels to which you are subscribed. Or even hide the videos you like. You need to go to settings, then advanced settings. You have the option to set confidentiality.

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