Copy text in Google Chrome from mobile to computer

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Table of Contents

We have already talked on other occasions about flags or experimental functions, which seem to be an inexhaustible source of resources. In this case, we have the possibility of copying texts from one device to another, we are not just talking about sharing links from the clipboard, as we know it until now.

Google Chrome: fast and secure
Google Chrome: fast and secure

How to copy texts in Google Chrome

The option we are talking about allows copy any text from Chrome browser and have it available on the rest of the devices that we have synchronized with your Google account. And it not only happens with the text of the browser, also with the one that we copy in any other app on your mobile.

The shared clipboard is already within the stable version of Google Chrome, both on mobile devices and in the desktop browser. Of course, at the moment it is experimental, so needs to be activated by the usual ‘flags’. To enjoy this function, we must do the following:

  • We open Google Chrome on your mobile and write ‘chrome: // flags’. Accept and you will see a list of options.
  • We search for ‘clipboard’ and find the option called ‘Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled‘.

copy text google chrome

  • Click on the menu and click on ‘Enabled’. Then we restart Chrome by clicking on the ‘Relaunch’ at the bottom.
  • We repeat the process on all Android phones.
  • In order for the text to be copied from mobile to computer we need to change a couple of ‘flags’ in our desktop Google Chrome. Open the ‘flags’ menu with ‘chrome: // flags’.
  • We search for ‘clipboard’ and find the option called ‘Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled‘and we activate it.

copy text google chrome pc

  • We search ‘remote’ and find the option ‘Enables the remote copy feature to recieve messages‘.
  • We restart Google Chrome on the computer and we will have the clipboard synchronized between all the devices.

What texts can we copy from the mobile to the computer

The content that we can send from one device to another can be, basically, any type of text. To send text to the computer or to another mobile, choose any text on your phone and click on the ‘Share’ option. Choose the Google Chrome icon, specifically ‘Send text message to your devices‘and select your computer. The text will be automatically copied to the clipboard. Of course, you need to have Google Chrome open.

In the event that you want to paste the text on an Android other than the one you copy it from, you need to share the selected words with Google Chrome and choose any of those devices. A notification will appear advising of the sending of text and you can copy it from there with the relevant icon.