Copy all the links of the open tabs of Chrome like this

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Table of Contents

You may have a lot of tabs open and you need to leave, shut down your computer. We cannot always leave it on or we want to lose what we have open. So there are ways to copy all the links from the tabs you have open in Chrome. It is very useful and we explain all the methods to do it.

Either because you want to copy everything that you are “investigating” about something and not lose it when you turn off the computer or simply because you want to send a series of links on a topic to someone. In all these cases it will be enough to follow a few simple steps in the browser you use and you will have, in plain text, the URL of each of the links in your open tabs.

Copy one by one

One of the easiest options is to open the different tabs and copy each link or each URL, tab by tab, one by one. But it is quite a tedious process. It does not require any kind of knowledge or installation or adjustments because it is quite slow if you have many tabs open. All you have to do is go to the navigation bar, select the link and tap on “Control-C” or right-click on “Copy.” Once copied to the clipboard you can paste it in a Word document, in the notepad or wherever you need by doing “Control-V” or by right clicking and “paste”. But if one by one is not useful to you, you can follow a couple of tricks that will allow you copy them in bulk.

Open current pages in Chrome

In Google Chrome we can resort to a trick to copy the URL of all the tabs that we have open at that moment. We can choose which pages and tabs open appear as the main page and thus we will get all the links. You must have the browser installed and follow the next steps.

The first thing, open the tabs that you are going to need or want to copy. Once they are open, we must open the settings in the browser. The steps are these:

  • Open Google Chrome on your computer
  • Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • Open the browser settings section
  • Go to “Google and you” on the left side of the Chrome screen
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page

Here we will get to the section “When opening …” and three options:

  • Open the New Tab page
  • Open everything as it was before closing
  • Open a specific page or set of pages

Usually the first will be marked but you must change it and mark the third: a specific page or a set of them. And, as in the case of Firefox, it will allow us to do two things: Add an nNew page / Use current pages.

If you touch on “Current pages” A complete list will appear with all the links that you have open in the tabs, whether they are three or twenty different tabs. From here, everything will not appear in a row as in the previous case, but in a list format. You just have to copy and paste each of the links to use them where you need to.

You must keep one thing in mind: All current pages that you have open will appear and not exclusively those that are in the window from where you are managing the process. If you have another window open in Google Chrome, the available links will also appear here. You should also bear in mind that the links will be “stored” until you touch “Use current pages” again, which will automatically refresh with what is available at that time.

Specific extensions

Although Chrome already allows it natively by following these steps, there is another option that is to use an extension dedicated specifically to this. There are many extensions that we can see in Google Chrome and download for free in our browser to be able to copy links.

Copy All URLs

One of the ones that we can use in Google Chrome is Copy All URLs. We can install it for free from the browser extensions store and its operation is very simple.


Add the extension to the browser and it will be automatically added to the upper right with a shortcut. Once it is installed we will be able to copy the link of the open tabs that are in that moment. It is much faster than the previous methods and we just have to touch a button. When you want to copy the links, you just have to touch the umbrella icon in the upper right and choose “Copy”. When you do, the links will be copied automatically and you can paste them into the clipboard, in a Word document, wherever you want.

Copy URL for Chrome

Another very very fast option is Copy URLs for Google Chrome, a free extension in which we only have to touch on it to see all the tab links that you have open at all times. Just download it for free in the Google browser and tap on it in the upper right corner. You can copy all the URLs or only the web pages and you can choose the format in which you want them to be displayed. You can copy them all to the clipboard or you can copy the links one by one to keep only the ones you need, as you can see in the attached photograph or screenshot.


Other browsers: Firefox

In Mozilla Firefox you can use a trick to get all the links from the different tabs you have open no matter how many there are at that time. It is not as such a tool with this function but we can get it easily.

The first thing, open the tabs you want and need. Once all the tabs are open you have to go to the browser settings and follow these steps:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox on your computer
  • Go to the three lines in the upper right corner
  • Tap on the “Options” section in the drop-down menu
  • On the left side, choose the “Home” option with the house icon

Once here, the first thing we will find is a menu that includes “New windows and tabs”. Here it allows you to “choose what you see when you open your home page, new windows and new tabs”. Once you have done that, you will see:

  • Home pages and new windows
  • New tabs

Tap on the first option and open the drop-down. You will see three options:

  • Firefox startup
  • Custom urls
  • Blank page

We have to choose the second option: custom URLs. Once you’ve done that, two buttons will appear: Use Current Pages / Use Bookmark. The one that interests us is the first: “Use current pages.” When you have tapped on the option, automatically all the links of the tabs open in Mozilla will appear at that moment. You just have to touch on the box and copy and paste into a text document. They will all be separated by a bar |


You just have to go separating the different links and save them for what you need. Once you have done it, close the window and do not save the settings. Or check the option you want to appear in the new tabs or windows.

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