Control the temperature of your Samsung mobile with this new application

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Samsung Thermal Guardian (1)

Samsung has a large number of its own applications launched in Spain, such as Good Lock. In addition to its customization application, the brand also has Galaxy Labs, an application made up of a series of experimental modules with which to expand the experience on the brand’s mobiles. A new module called Thermal Guardian is introduced in it.

Thermal Guardian is a module or application With which Samsung will allow you to control the temperature of your Galaxy mobile at all times. Keep track throughout the day so you can see if there are big changes in your temperature or if there are indicators that something is wrong.

This is Samsung’s Thermal Guardian

Samsung Thermal Guardian

Thermal Guardian will lead a temperature control of your Samsung Galaxy mobile throughout the day, also indicating the thresholds it reaches at different times of the day. A series of graphs are used that will allow us to understand these values ​​in a simple way, in addition to being very visual. In the event of an excess temperature being detected, this module will reduce the acceleration of the phone’s CPU.

Also, it gives some control over said CPU throttle to the user. Not only will it be lowered in case the temperature is too high, but we can increase that CPU acceleration to increase the performance of the phone, even if this means a slight increase in its temperature. Of course, this module will tell you if the temperature is excessive, so you can take action and avoid possible overheating.

Thermal Guardian Samsung

This module can be enormous help in many situations. Not only to control the temperature of your Samsung mobile throughout the day, but it allows you some control over its CPU, so that we can squeeze the performance of the device a little more at times when it is necessary.

Thermal Guardian is part of Galaxy Labs, which you will have to install on your Samsung smartphone first. It is available in the Galaxy Store, at this link. Once the app is installed, you will be able to access this module on the device.

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