Connect to my Hotmail box easily

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If you still have a Hotmail email address, here is the procedure to follow to connect to your mailbox. And yes, it is still currently possible to access your hotmail account.

In 2012, the giant Microsoft updated its messaging system. Indeed, the Hotmail box changes its name and becomes We are thus witnessing a change of interface. However, the process of connecting to your hotmail box has not changed. To connect to its box, you must always use your email address and password.

Or connect to my hotmail box?

The current address to connect to his hotmail box is as follows: Whether your email address is @, @, @ or @, the address to connect to your mailbox does not change. We all use the same site to open their hotmail account. Your messages and your contacts are saved.

connect to my hotmail box

Hotmail Login

To connect or open your hotmail, live and box, you must:

  • Go to the site, then click on the button connection. You can access the login page directly by clicking on this link.
open your hotmail box
  • Then you need to enter your email address or the associated phone number. Then click on the blue button following.
  • Please enter your password. Finally, to connect to your hotmail box, you must click on ” to log in ” .
sign in to
  • If you no longer wish to enter your email address and password to open your mailbox, you must check the box ” keep the connection “. This allows your login information to be stored on your web browser. Avoid this practice if you are more than one using the same computer.
connect to my hotmail box

If your login information is correct, you will need to access your mailbox. It may happen that you have forgotten your password.

How to recover the password of my hotmail box?

If your connection attempts are unsuccessful, please click on » Forgot your password “. You will then be able to send a recovery code to a third-party email address that you added when registering. If, you have not added a recovery address, please click on the link » I don’t have any of this information “. This will redirect you to a new page where you can submit a recovery address. request information:

  • The hotmail address you want to retrieve or the associated phone number
  • A different email address from the one you want to retrieve.

Once the various fields have been completed, please click on ” following ” to follow the rest of your password recovery procedure. Outlook will contact you within the next 24 hours.

recover hotmail password

The procedure for recovering the password for your hotmail box is identical to that for an and address. Please fill in the correct information in order to recover your account.

Connect to my Live account through

Windows Live disappeared several years ago. However, email accounts have never stopped working. To connect to your live box, you simply have to follow the same procedure used with the hotmail box. However, you must enter the addresses with @ or @ then enter your password.

Open my hotmail box on a smartphone

To connect to the Hotmail box, here is the procedure you must follow:

  • You can access it from the official Outlook website. For smartphone users, there is a dedicated application. If you are using a android smartphone, meet in the play store then look for Microsoft Outlook in the search bar. On the other hand, if you have a iPhone, this time you have to go to theapp store and search for the same theme.
  • Then you need to enter your hotmail address and password
  • Finally, to connect, please click on the button »Connection«
hotmail connection

From the Hotmail box to an Outlook account

Hotmail was a very popular email service in previous years. Using a computer with an internet connection, you could send and receive e-mail. It was bought by the giant Microsoft in 1997 a year after its creation. After adding some functionality in 2005, it was renamed Windows Live Mail. Microsoft finally decided in 2012 to rename the latter by the name of Outlook. To connect to your box, you must now go through the site

Hotmail reserves the right to temporarily block your account due to an unusual connection. This service aims to protect your hotmail against intruders or hackers.

What to remember, despite the disappearance of hotmail and live addresses in favor of email. You always have the possibility to connect to your hotmail box. For this you must go to the official website then fill in your connection information. If your password is lost, it is always possible to recover it. Thank you for following this article, share it on your social networks.