Connect and use the Apple keyboard and mouse in Windows 10

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Apple keyboard and mouse work by Bluetooth. Therefore, the only thing that we will need to be able to connect them to any PC, whether or not it is from Apple, is to have this connectivity, either internally or through a USB dongle. The mouse is very simple, and it will work as is. However, the keyboard has special keys that are intended for use in macOS, therefore, to use it in Windows, we will have to map some of its functions.

How to connect Apple keyboard or mouse to Windows 10

To carry out this task, the first thing we will have to do is enter the Bluetooth configuration section of Windows 10. To do this, we can write in the Windows 10 search bar “Bluetooth Configuration”, or enter by hand from Settings> Devices> Bluetooth and other devices.

Connect Apple Keyboard Mouse to Windows 10 - 1

Next, we will see a window like the following one. The first thing we have to look at is that the Bluetooth connection is activated from the switch at the top. In case of having it disconnected, we will activate it.

Connect Apple Keyboard Mouse to Windows 10 - 2

Now, we must press «Add Bluetooth or other devices»To search for new devices to connect to the PC.

Connect Apple Keyboard Mouse to Windows 10 - 3

We will choose Bluetooth and let Windows search for all the devices around. In a few seconds we should see both our new keyboard and mouse.

Connect Apple Keyboard Mouse to Windows 10 - 4

We click on this device to connect to it and it will ask us (at least, in the case of the keyboard) for validation. We enter the code that appears on the keyboard (and press Enter) and click on «Connect»To complete the setup.

Connect Apple Keyboard Mouse to Windows 10 - 5

Now we wait a few seconds until Windows 10 finishes connecting and configuring the peripheral on our PC, and that’s it.

Connect Apple keyboard mouse to Windows 10 - 6

We can now start using the peripherals without problems.

Adapt Apple keyboard keys to Windows 10

As we said, Apple keyboard, Magic Keyboard, is specially designed for use on macOS. Therefore, there are keys (such as the one for FN) that do not work properly. And the keys to the left of the space (Control + Win + Alt) are ordered differently (Control + Alt + Win), which can lead to confusion.

If we want, we can use a Microsoft tool (free and OpenSource) called «Microsoft PowerToys»That will allow us to map the keys that we want in a very simple way. To use it, all we have to do is download it and install it on the PC. Once installed, we execute it and in its configuration we go to the section «Keyboard manager«.

Map Apple keyboard keys in Windows 10 - 1

We activate this “toy” and we can make the modifications we want. We can map specific keys on our keyboard (for example, those of Control + Alt + Win so they have the correct order), or create new keyboard shortcuts. The latter is useful, for example, to link certain functions to the F keys at the top, keys that, by default, we cannot use.

Map Apple keyboard keys in Windows 10 - 2

With this simple step, we will get our Mac keyboard to work correctly in Windows 10.

Disconnect peripherals from the PC

When we no longer want to use them, we have two options. The first one is to turn off each of the peripherals of its corresponding button. By doing so, like any other device, it will be disconnected from the PC and will no longer be available. If we leave them for several minutes without moving them, they will automatically disconnect and go into standby mode, but they will consume battery.

The second one is to disconnect the keyboard from Windows 10 to use it on another device. To do this, what we must do is return to the section that we have seen previously, where all the devices appear, and locate the keyboard or mouse that we have connected.

Disconnect Apple Bluetooth keyboard Windows 10

We click on it, and select the option «Remove device«. In a few seconds, the keyboard will be disconnected from the PC and will be available for another PC or for our iPad.

Troubleshoot when connecting your keyboard or mouse via Bluetooth

These peripherals, when they work, they do it properly. However, due to how restrictive Apple is in terms of its ecosystem, it is easy to run into some problems. Fortunately, most of them are very easy to fix. Let’s see what are the most common errors when connect Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse to Windows 10 and how to fix them.

The keyboard or mouse does not work

This problem can be due to a number of reasons. One of the most common is that we have left the switch in the off position, and therefore it does not work. We must check that the switch is in the on position to continue.

If it still does not work, we may have run out of battery. In that case, we must connect it to a charger for a while until it reaches a sufficient charge level to be able to function.

Error connecting to Windows 10

If Windows detects the peripheral, but shows us an error when connecting to the PC, the problem already comes from us. The first thing we must do at this point is to restart the entire computer to eliminate any errors that may be in the memory.

If we continue with problems, the next step will be to disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth. If it is a dongle, and it has been around for some time, we should change it for a newer model that is Bluetooth class 4 (BLE) or 5 to avoid compatibility problems.

Updating the Bluetooth drivers can also help us fix these problems.

Constantly disconnects

If we have the device already connected and working, and what happens is that the connection with the PC is lost, then the next step we must test is that the peripheral has enough battery. If we are running out of battery, that may be the reason why it automatically disconnects.

We must also check that the keyboard or mouse is not automatically connecting to other computers. If we have it connected to another PC, or to an iPhone or iPad, it may be the reason why it disconnects from our PC to work on the other.

Finally, we can also download official Apple drivers since here. These drivers are intended to work in Boot Camp, but we can extract the AppleMultiTouchTrackPadInstaller64.exe and the AppleKeyboardInstaller64.exe and install them on our PC. With this we will be able to solve the incompatibility problems that may exist due to the use of incorrect drivers.