Confirmed: the LG Rollable will be launched this year

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The LG Rollable is called to be one of the most interesting phones to be launched in Spain. Yesterday after its presentation at CES 2021, the first video of this device from the manufacturer was shown. In this short video you could see the screen of the device and the way it will work when expanding or rolling.

This new LG Rollable is a phone that launches within the new range of experimental models of the brand, the Explorer project. Until now it was not known when this device could be expected, although a representative of the firm gives us more information about it.

The LG Rollable launches in 2021

After the video that was shown yesterday about this LG Rollable, the rumors about when this device of the brand will reach the stores began. Some media pointed to the second half of this year, but it was not something that could be said with certainty. Being an experimental model, it is possible that it would have to wait longer for it to become official.

An LG representative has confirmed to Nikkei that this LG Rollable will go on sale in 2021. Its launch has only been confirmed this year, no dates have been given, but that this phone will arrive in the second half of this year is something that seems more likely with this confirmation.

BOE Technology Group, a company located in China,would be the company in charge of production of this device according to said report. At the moment there is no data on the specifications of this roll-up phone from the South Korean manufacturer, a device that promises to make headlines this year.

These months we will surely know more about the brand’s new rollable phone, confirmed as LG Rollable. After the interesting launch of the LG Wing At the end of last year, there is a lot of interest to see what the manufacturer has in store with this new device.

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