Confirmed: OnePlus Watch won’t use Wear OS

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Confirmed: OnePlus Watch won't use Wear OS 1

The OnePlus Watch is the first smartwatch that the brand will launch in Spain. This watch will be presented with its new phones at the event on March 23, something that had been rumored for a couple of weeks. In addition, as the days go by, more details about this watch of the Chinese brand are known.

This morning there was already a leak in which some of its specifications were revealed, in addition, it was mentioned that the watch was not going to use Wear OS as an operating system. It has now been the CEO of the firm who confirms that the OnePlus Watch will not have Wear OS.

The OnePlus Watch will not have Wear OS

Official OnePlus Watch

Pete Lau, CEO of the company, today announced the existence of this OnePlus Watch, confirming that it will be presented on March 23 next to their new phones. In the entry he has published in the forums of the brand he has given some information about this new watch. You mentioned that a smartwatch is launched because it is a device that the followers of the brand have been demanding for a long time and that they see it as something more than a device that shows the time and rhythm of your heart.

In a later reply, he confirms something that was already being rumored: the watch will not have Wear OS as an operating system. This smartwatch will come with an operating system called RTOS (Real-time operating system). It is a lightweight platform, which will allow the watch to have a great autonomy and battery life (one of the weak points of Wear OS). Although this system could be an impediment to the use of third-party apps.

This OnePlus Watch it will have a simple but amazing design. In addition, it will have connectivity with smartphones and smart televisions of the brand. It can be used as a remote control for the manufacturer’s televisions, which use Android TV as their operating system.

As for price, it has only been said that it will be affordable, but there are no concrete figures on this. It will be on March 23 when we meet this watch, along with the brand’s new high-end phones, so the wait is really short.

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