Common mistakes playing with Barbara

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Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Barbara Characteristics

This is the basic information of Barbara and her main characteristics as a character. As in all fighters, Genshin Impact always has a story and a background of each one of them, to create that mystical atmosphere. In Barbara’s case, she is the deaconess of the Favonius church and a star adored by all. She is charismatic and does her best to spread joy wherever she goes.

  • Rarity: 4 stars.
  • Weapon type: Catalyst.
  • Element / Vision: Hydro.
  • Role in the team: Healer.
  • Region: Mondstadt.

How to get Barbara in Genshin Impact?

If I don’t have Barbara, how am I going to make mistakes at Genshin Impact? Many users will ask. Like many other characters in the game, Barbara can be achieved through Wishes from the Gachapon store, spending our Destinations or Protogems that we have accumulated.

errors barbara genshin impact

Since he is a four star character, has a good chance to be obtained by this method, both in permanent Wishes and in limited or event. Finally, it is also possible to reach buy Barbara in the Gangas de Paimón with Starlight (if it appears in any of the rotations).

Most common mistakes with Barbara in Genshin Impact

Since we know Barbara a little more, both her characteristics and abilities and how to achieve her, we are going to show several of the mistakes that we can make when playing with Barbara on a regular basis.

Using it as a primary or secondary DPS

Any character can be a DPS with the correct mastered artifacts and weapons, but that’s not Barbara’s role. His ability and blast are specifically designed to be the group’s healer, offering little to no damage.

Any Catalyst player can damage her, along with most of the available characters in Genshin Impact. The truth is that Barbara plays better as a healer and tank, where your blast can be an emergency button for your instant healing. In fact, his healing is astounding in both single-player and co-op modes, where he can heal characters to maximum health with the push of a button.

Improving his normal attack “Whisper of Water”

Improving the talents of characters is crucial to fulfilling their roles, but players must do so with their most effective and beneficial talents. Some players can randomly upgrade Barbara’s talents, increasing her normal attack in the process.

Their explosion and elemental ability are the keys to doing a perfect job on their team, so players should focus on improving them. The higher her level, the better Barbara will perform as a healer. His normal attack, on the other hand, doesn’t add anything to his kit, so it’s best left intact.

Using his ability while cryo-enemies are nearby

Barbara’s ability applies the wet state to her and any character she changes to. Cryo-enemies can render characters in this state frozen, rendering them immobile and vulnerable to attacks that follow.

It is best to avoid using this ability until the player has engaged Cryo’s enemies. In a critical situation where Barbara’s blast is unavailable, players can keep her on the field to tank incoming damage while healing their entire party.

Using a 5 star catalyst

Barbara’s healing increases with her HP, and she doesn’t need much more when it comes to stat boosts. Any weapon equipped for her must have HP as a secondary stat. Energy Recharge is a decent alternative, but HP remains top priority.

The 5-star catalysts will be a waste for Barbara, if she builds herself as a healer. His damage will remain abysmal and his healing will also be reduced. This reduces your potential for support and is therefore not recommended. Of course, it is a viable option if players choose to build it as a DPS.

Do not raise the level

It is common for players to keep their support at a lower level. However, for some characters, leveling up is crucial. For example, Albedo cannot function properly without the proper level because she needs base defense. The same applies to Barbara. You need HP for your healing abilities, and your level is the only source of base HP.

weapons barbara genshin impact

Also, due to how damage calculation works in Genshin Impact, Barbara will take more damage at a lower level. Not leveling her will also restrict her talent, reducing her healing abilities.

Do not use it to break the shields of Pyro fighters

When facing Fatui Skirmishers or Abyss Mages, players must break their shields before they can deal proper damage. Pyroslinger Bracers and Pyro Abyss Mages require Hydro attacks to break their shields quickly. The same can be said for Pyro Regisvines.

Some players tend to use Barbara as a healer and they bring in another Hydro character for that job, but this is unnecessary. Elemental shields are broken based on the number of hits and their element, and not based on the character’s attack. Despite the little damage, Barbara is more than enough.

Don’t use your ability to apply the wet state

Barbara’s Melody Loop not only applies the “Wet” state to her and the active character, but she can use it to apply the item to enemies. To do this, players will need to stand close enough to enemies for their loop to hit them.

Actually, this feature is more useful than it sounds. For example, it can be used to easily deal with Electro-Charge on Electro characters, or cause Freeze on Cryo characters. This ability also damages nearby enemies when cast, even if it’s only a small portion.

Not using your ability to reduce energy consumption

Barbara’s ability not only provides healing for the active character, but her first passive, “Glorious Season”, also reduces stamina consumption by 12%. This reduction in resistance is often helpful. Players can lower their run stamina when dodging and when using a charged attack.

features barbara genshin impact

It is even useful outside of battle. Barbara can reduce energy consumption while running, gliding, swimming, and even climbing, allowing her group to travel faster and safer at the same time.