Codes in Subway Surfers: active, deactivated and rewards

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In case you don’t know how to play it, your character’s goal is to escape from the evil ones inspectors. To do this, you will have to dodge the trains through the three way that are on the screen, in addition to the obstacles that will cross your way. You can do it running or surfing up on the boards that are available. The latter can be unlocked as we progress through the game, and we can also acquire them in the store. During the race, you will be able to collect coins, keys, mystery boxes Y Special powers to get as far as possible in the game.

With these codes we can obtain rewards and gifts of all kinds, such as skins, coins and keys. The latter are a very useful resource, since with them you can unlock exclusive tables and characters. These series of numbers and letters are issued by the publishers or developers of the game regularly, and we can find them published on web pages and social networks, among other places. You should know that once you redeem them, you will not be able to use them again in your account. Also, many of them are available for a limited time, so you’ll have to be quick if you don’t want them to expire.

Where can we get them to earn rewards

subway surfers catch

There are several ways to get codes to unlock the succulent rewards offered by Subway Surfers. First of all, the safest site is the official game page, where we can check all the news and from time to time, they make available to players a lot of promotional codes. Also, when they are released special events They usually publish gift codes, so you should be attentive to all their publications. Also, when we have a problem with the game and we contact him technical service, sometimes they provide us with some as a form of apology.

On the other hand, social media they are a great alternative. To get started, Facebook It is the ideal place to get hold of them, since they usually publish news and codes regularly. You need to be subscribed to access them, so it is a very simple method to obtain good rewards. Discord It is also a good option, since in its large community we can get in touch with players from all over the world. The normal thing is that you meet many users from different countries, but the codes are the same regardless of where you are.

There are other less known options like Youtube Y Twitch, but they are no less useful for that. Both from the official channel of the game and the channels of the streamers or content creators, you can find codes for all players. Therefore, you should be attentive to broadcasts to take advantage of them. Last we have Reddit. This social network is an ideal place to be up to date with all the games on all platforms. In the case of Subway Surfers, it has a very large community in which in addition to checking the latest news, you will always find the best codes.

List of codes in Subway Surfers

Next we are going to give you a list with all the Subway Surfers codes. As of today, there are only 3 available, so you should be quick if you don’t want to run out of them:

  • twitter1 thousand: you will get 10,000 coins and 1 mystery box
  • tysurfers9: with this code you will receive 1 mystery box and 9 keys
  • 9yearsrunning– will provide you with 9,000 coins, 9 keys and 1 mystery box

On the other hand, in this great list that we put below we leave you the best codes of the game. As you can imagine, most of them will already be expired, but we lose nothing by trying:

  • Naughty2315: by redeeming this code you will get 2,000 coins
  • Naughty3973: with this code you will receive 2 keys
  • Nice1721: you will get 2 keys
  • Nice4329: this code will give you 500 coins
  • Naughty5784: 200 coins
  • Nice5193: 200 coins
  • singaporedollars: 5,555 coins
  • Devil60: you will get the Diablo character and 5 keys
  • keys2singapore: 8 keys
  • mimimonday: you will get the character Mimi
  • HereKittyKitty: you will get the character get Kitty
  • Nice9435: you will get 2,000 coins
  • Naughty8734: 500 coins
  • back2moscow: 9,001 coins
  • Bangkokcoins: 5,000 coins
  • BaliSummer: by redeeming this code you will receive 10 keys and 10,000 coins
  • bdaycoins: 7,000 coins
  • bdaykeys: 7 keys
  • Keys5Zurich: 5 keys
  • Subway2019Venice: 9,999 coins
  • Frank4Lyfe: 5,000 coins
  • GIEFROCKETPLZ: with this code you will unlock the Rocket character
  • KEYSSS: 5 keys
  • MissMaiaGP: you will get the Miss Maia character
  • potofcoins: 5,000 coins
  • Sybo10k: 10,000 coins
  • 2infinity: 3,000 coins and keys
  • Instalove200k: 5,000 coins and keys
  • fridaycheers: 1,000 coins and keys
  • eggstremecoins: 5,000 coins
  • hoppyfriday: 1,000 coins and keys
  • springtime: 5,000 coins and keys
  • rabbotday2021: 3,000 coins and keys
  • happyfriday3: 3,000 coins and keys
  • funfriday2: 3,000 coins and keys
  • sybotv5million: 5,000 coins and keys
  • luckyday2021: 8,000 coins
  • funkyfriday1: 3,000 coins and keys
  • welcome2ny: 5,000 coins and keys
  • instalove100k: 2,000 coins and keys
  • Insta50K: 5,000 coins
  • Facebook3M: 3,000 coins and 3 keys
  • HalloBerlin: 3,000 coins and 6 keys
  • RaveFriday1: 2,000 coins and 3 keys
  • LNYLucky7: 7,000 coins and 7 keys
  • SYBOTVLNY5: 5,000 coins
  • moscow6keys: 6 keys
  • moscowsurprise: with this code you will get 1 sheet available during the first 3 minutes of the Moscow update
  • mmbatpin: 5,000 coins
  • mmcablegoat: 5 keys
  • Ps4plz: by redeeming this code you will enter the raffle for a PS4
  • Tonsofkeys: 100 keys
  • Kiloo19Keyz: 19 keys
  • London2018Coins: 10,000 coins
  • GIEFROCKETPLZ: with this last code you will get the Rocket character

Steps to follow to redeem these codes

redeem subway surfers codes

To redeem the codes and get the best rewards in the game, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • On the main game screen, look for the button Setting that appears in the upper right corner. It is shaped like a gear.
  • Once inside, you must scroll through all the options until you find one with the name of Unlock or promo codes.
  • Now you will see a blank screen with a space in the middle. Here you must enter the series of numbers and letters that you want to redeem. Make sure you write it correctly, otherwise it will give you an error. Those that are expired can also be entered, but you will not get any rewards.
  • Once you have entered the code, click on the green button that appears on the right. Now what you have to do is check your balance of coins and keys, or your catalog of skins to see if you have done it correctly.