CoD Mobile Season 12 featuring a Modern Warfare map

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Table of Contents

Many details are not yet known, but it has several novelties that are going to be very interesting and that are also imported from their older brothers on consoles. Call of Duty Mobile thus begins Season 12 to face the fall with new content for its players.

Call of Duty®: Mobile

Modern Warfare Map in Season 12

In its eagerness to add more classic content to its portable version, CoD Mobile is going to integrate one of the latest maps Call of Duty Modern Warfare, launched on the market last year 2019. The truth is that it is not the first content that comes from its older brother, since a few months ago the Shooting Mode, also owned by Modern Warfare, was imported.

modern warfare season 12 map cod mobile

What Activision now brings up is not a game mode, but a new map. The next addition to Call of Duty Mobile is Hackney Yard, a scenario very adapted to 6 vs 6 player games. It is a perfectly rectangular map, with many corners and nooks where to surprise enemies or take cover from shots. The action is assured, since it includes a relatively reduced territory for medium and short-range shots, although it keeps key points for sniper shots.

However, we are not going to see precisely the same map that appears in Modern Warfare. In the version for CoD Mobile, the developers want to give you a shade shader, since the sunset will be very present in that scenario. That is what they announce from the official Twitter account, whose image of the new map is titled with the phrase “the sun is setting.”

Night mode in Season 12

On the other hand, what CoD Mobile includes in its Season 12 is that players will be inserted into low-light terrain, which will lead to greater difficulty in locating opponents and forcing them to use night vision. This will affect several maps, specifically Summit, Crash and the new Hackney Yard. Also, this new night mode can be played in various games such as Team Duel, Hot Spot and Attack of the Undead, in which 20-player games can be played.

night mode cod mobile

In this night mode we will not see almost anything on the map, since the mode includes a greenish tone to the screen of the device, emulating the night vision camera. As we are not going to detect the enemies in the same way, we will need elements to facilitate our vision. In this way, Call of Duty incorporates the thermal sights to equip them to the weapons of the game.