Clubhouse for Android is officially in beta

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Clubhouse for Android is officially in beta

Despite not being one of the most powerful social networks of the moment, there is no doubt that Clubhouse is managing to set a trend among the giants of the sector. As a result of the success of the voice room app, we have seen changes in Facebook networks, from Facebook itself until Instagram, and we have also witnessed the arrival of the ‘Spaces’ rooms on Twitter.

All this has happened without Clubhouse setting foot on Android, because until now has been limited solely to the ecosystem that surrounds the iPhone. But the official Clubhouse beta for Android has already started and it is a matter of time before the app is available for the two most popular mobile operating systems.

Clubhouse for Android is now in beta

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Clubhouse announced earlier this year that he was already starting to work on the app that would take his social network to Android, but we had not known anything else so far. Since then, dozens of clones began to arrive on Android to try to take advantage of the absence of the original app but this is about to end.

Clubhouse has officially started the beta of its app for Android mobile phones, although at the moment it is in the first steps. The beta was officially launched yesterday, May 2, but the developers have not added much more information about it beyond that the machinery has started to work.

Start of Android BETA tests. Android isn’t available yet, but we started rolling out an initial beta to a handful of friendly testers. If you hear someone say that they are using Clubhouse on the official Android app, give them a warm welcome! We look forward to welcoming more Android users to Clubhouse in the coming weeks.

So, it is a matter of time before this initial beta for Android expand to a greater number of application testers and may we have the opportunity to sign up for it before its final release. To wait for Clubhouse to officially step on Android. Much less remains.

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Clubhouse for Android is officially in beta

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