Club House. Android mobile release date

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We already know that there is a very, very similar alternative in our favorite operating system such as the Stereo podcast app, a platform where you can answer questions live and where various celebrities from the internet world meet. However, and given the results in sensations that Clubhouse is offering, it is time to prove how good this application is.

A simmer launch

This news of the arrival of Clubhouse to Android does not catch us by surprise, since it has been simmering for some time. Its official launch on iOS was in the middle of 2020 and due to its growing use throughout the world, it has been decided to develop a specific version for the Google system. In fact, its creators have long –Paul Davison and Rohan Seth– they already advanced that would soon be available for Android.

Luckily, it is no longer a distant goal to be an almost a reality, since its arrival is closer. This is a relief, not only because of the availability of this platform in our terminals, but because more victims will stop falling who are unaware of the efficient invitation system that Clubhouse has. Instead, they fall into the trap of downloading both on and off Google Play so-called official apps created by hackers that contained malware with which to infect devices from all over the world.

Clubhouse on Android: upcoming arrival date

So with this background, it is normal that we take this news with great caution that, luckily, it seems that have been verified thanks to messages published on social networks by workers from the Clubhouse itself. Specifically, a designer who has shown screens of what seems to be the official version for Android.

It was one of the Android developers within Clubhouse who has shown how the work of the app for the Google operating system is going. He wanted to announce that the second of the captures corresponds to the version for Android devices, specifically sent from a Pixel from Mountain View, so it is already operational internally.

In addition to these captures, other messages have appeared where it is explained with more precision than the tests to that build Android already have weeks offering great results. The Android version seems, according to those who are working on it, stable, which could mean an imminent launch in a very few weeks.

capture clubhouse android

Specifically, Clubhouse for Android could reach the Google Play Store in May and surely already without the invitations as a means to register. In this way, it will not be necessary to meet anyone to enter those rooms where classes, talks, conversations, courses and all kinds of content supported by audio are given, as if they were podcasts.