Clockface: customize the appearance of the clock on your Samsung mobile

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Samsung Clockface

Users in Spain with a Samsung mobile have a huge amount of options available to personalize your mobile. The brand provides a huge number of applications with which to use the mobile in a better way or customize various aspects, such as controlling the use of RAM, customizing the sound or even customizing the share menu.

Good Lock is the customization application that we can download on Samsung mobiles in Spain. Within it there are modules with which to customize various aspects of the mobile. One of those modules is Clockface, which allows you to easily customize the clock on the lock screen or Always on Display on your Galaxy phone.

Customize the clock on Samsung with Clockface

ClockFace clock types

Good Lock is an essential tool for many users with a Samsung mobile, allowing you to customize many aspects of the phone. Clockface is one of the modules available in this application, which users in Spain with Galaxy mobiles can also download. This module will allow you to customize the appearance of the clock on the phone’s lock screen.

Clockface really gives us two options when it comes to customizing the clock: customize its appearance on the lock screen and on the Always on Display. We will can choose the design we want for the clock and then apply it to the screen we want, we can even choose different designs depending on the screen. To use this module we have to follow these steps:

  1. Install Good Lock on your Samsung phone, available at this link.
  2. Open Good Lock.
  3. Look for Clockface among the modules.
  4. Install Clockface on your mobile.
  5. Open this module on your phone after installing it.
  6. Choose which screen you want to change the clock for.
  7. Select the design you want to use.
  8. If a design can be edited, click on the pencil icon.
  9. Edit that clock (change the colors).
  10. Apply that clock on your screen.

Clockface customize clock

Clockface gives quite a few options to edit some of the designs of these clocks, being able to add certain effects or change the colors clockwise, for example. Thanks to these options you will have a watch that fits what you like and that is original. It is an additional option with which to customize the appearance of your Samsung mobile. So if you value customization on the phone, this module will allow you to make the lock screen or Always on Display more to your liking.

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