Clean Master, an app to clean and speed up an Android mobile

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So that this care of your smartphone is not very complicated, we present the Clean Master application, a multifunction app that will ensure that your phone is in perfect condition effortlessly and automatically.

What is Clean Master?

Download Clean Master from Google Play Store

Clean Master is an application that will help us thoroughly clean our smartphone, optimizing its performance and eliminating all the junk files that accumulate in it with its daily use.

Currently this app has more than 10 million downloads and a score of 4.5 stars with more than 175 thousand opinions, which places it as one of the best cleaning and maintenance apps currently available in the Google application store.

Price and Download

To download Clean Master, you just have to search for it by name in the Google Play Store. Is an application semi-free, that is, we will be able to use the vast majority of its functions without having to pay, although we will have to see ads when using it. For remove ads and have full access to the application we will have to subscribe to the application by € 44.99 per year or € 6.49 per month.

Clean & Master- Phone Cleaner & Accelerator
Clean & Master- Phone Cleaner & Accelerator

Clean Master functions

Free Clean Master Features

Next, we are going to review all the functions that Clean Master offers us:

RAM throttle

Optimize your android ram with clean master

This option is the most suitable for improve performance from our android. What Clean Master will do is close all the apps and processes in the background in order to optimize our smartphone. In this way, what it achieves is to prevent our mobile from slowing down as a result of something going wrong without our knowing it.

File manager

Android file explorer.

Clean Master comes with an integrated file manager very similar to the one we have on our smartphones. Through this browser we can see everything we have stored in our memory, classify it by size, by type and easily eliminate everything that we think we no longer need.
This option will be of great help to us to find those files that we download and then forget about.

Installed application manager

android apps uninstaller

This option is a rather a app uninstaller and an APK’s detector. What it will show us will be a list of the applications that we have installed on our smartphone and it will help us to eliminate them one by one or in bulk.

It will also help us to see all those apk’s that we have downloaded on our Android and that we have forgotten to delete. For example, all those versions of GCAM that you have been testing to have the Google camera on your mobile.


android antivirus

This function does not require much explanation. It’s about a suspicious and dangerous element detector that we can have in our android. By means of the scanner what it will do is detect possible vulnerabilities in our smartphone and, obviously, see if we have a virus.

App lock

Protect the privacy of your apps on android

This option is not what you are thinking. With application blocking it does not mean that it prevents an app from opening in the background, what it does is improve the privacy of some apps installed on our smartphone to prevent others from opening them without our permission. It is something like a parental lock.
Its use is simple and we will simply select the applications that we want to protect. It will ask us to draw a lock pattern and that’s it. It also allows us to use our fingerprint for unlocking.

In addition, it has a function of taking a photo of the person who is trying to open the application without having the pattern or the fingerprint to access it.

CPU cooler

Cool down your smartphone's processor

What this function will do is cool down the CPU to avoid what is known as ‘overheating’ or extreme heating of the processor, which results in a decrease in overall performance of the processor to maintain its integrity.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Delete duplicate photos on android

This option will show us all those photos that look the same so that we can choose the one we like the most and delete the rest. The application itself will select the ones that it believes should be eliminated, but we will have the power to select the ones we want.

Large File Cleaner

Delete files on android

Similar to the file manager function, this function It will classify the files of our android into 4 types (multimedia files, sound files, images and heavy applications) to be able to review and delete them.

Junk File Cleaner

Delete junk files android

Similar function to the file cleaner, but this works as a automatic large file scanner and temporary that are susceptible to be eliminated. He will show them to us and we will have to decide whether to clean them or not.

WhatsApp Cleaner

Clean WhatsApp files on android

This is one of the best features that Clean Master brings. WhatsApp is an application that accumulates a multitude of files without us noticing. What if a gif here, what if a meme, what if an audio … all that accumulates on our smartphone and ends up occupying a large part of our memory, eating up a lot of storage space and also a lot of cache memory.

What this option will do is allow us see those files that WhatsApp has accumulated, classified by categories (images, videos, documents, audio media and gifs) to review them and eliminate all those that we do not need, which will surely be the majority.

Notifications Cleaner

Hide Android notifications

This option will allow us to filter notifications that we are going to receive in our notification bar, thus avoiding being filled with notices that do not interest us.

Battery maintenance

Improve the autonomy of your android

With this function, what Clean Master will do is eliminate all applications that are doing a excessive consumption of the battery of our android and thus optimize the autonomy and the life of our smartphone.

WiFi connection speed meter

Measure the quality of your wifi connection on android

This option will allow us measure the quality and speed of the WiFi connection of our smartphone and thus be able to detect any connection problem

Safe Browser

Browse the internet safely with your android

It is an internal browser and Clean Master’s own that will allow us surf the internet privately and securely. What it will do is delete all cookies and browsing data when we exit the application.

Extra features of the paid version

Clean master payment options

As we have mentioned before, Clean master is a semi-free application. Without paying anything you will have access to all the functions described above, but if you decide to pay the subscription, the following options will be unlocked:

No Ads

A totally ad free throughout the app.

Real-time Antivirus protection

Clean Master will allow you to have a real-time virus shield. That is, we will have total protection of our android against possible threats that may attack us while we browse the internet or install applications from outside a secure store.

Private space

Protect your files on android

This option will allow us to create a safe with the files to which we do not want anyone without permission to have access. In the free version we have the application blocking and in the paid version we have this function that adds the protection of any file that we have on our smartphone. It should be added that for free we have protection of 12 photos.


As you can see, Clean Master is a very complete app that allows us to perform a complete maintenance of our smartphone in a simple way. It is true that many of these options are already available natively in some display layers, but the fact that Clean Master groups them all in a single app makes it highly recommended for all those who do not want to complicate their lives.