Cinematic photos, the new smart feature of Google Photos

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Google Photos featured cinematic photos

Google Photos will become paid in June 2021, for those users in Spain who need more storage space. Pending that moment, the app keeps introducing new features. A couple of weeks ago they left us with the possibility of turning memories into animated wallpapers and today they leave us with new changes.

A new feature called cinematic photos makes its entry into Google Photos. This function in the application will allow us to convert our photos into moving images, into animations. A function that transforms your photos and that is beginning to be deployed among users all over the world, also in Spain.

This is the cinematic photos of Google Photos

Google Photos cinematic photos

These cinematic photos were only recently shown in the app, but now they are made official. Google comments that machine learning is used to detect the depth of an image and thus be able to create a 3D representation of it. Even if the original image does not have information on the depth of the camera it can be done. After this, a smooth panning effect is created, just like in movies.

This function will start show in users’ memories on Google Photos. When entering a memory, you will be able to see that cinematic photo that the application has generated and you will be given the possibility to save it in your account. For now, users will not be able to choose in which photos this effect will be used, but the app will do it automatically. In addition, Google has commented that this function will improve, so the first photos that are shown may not be spectacular yet.

It is further expected that there are improvements to Google Photos memories, which were already renewed in summer. The application will show within a photo memories of your favorite things or activities, which will be based on the photos that you upload in your account. No more details have been given about it, but it is expected that they will be shown to users soon. Of course, if you want to avoid bad times, you can always set these memories.

Google Photos cinematic photos

These new features are released in the new version of Google Photos, which we can download now in the Play Store. It seems that it is being a progressive deployment, so even if you have this version they may not be shown yet. Surely over the next few days they will reach all users on Android.

Cinematic photos, the new smart feature of Google Photos 1

The Cinematic Photos entry, the new smart feature of Google Photos, appears first in The Free Android.