Chrome OS ends definitely with the Android tablets

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One of the lost battles of Android is the tablet market. While in the market of smartphones has managed to face up to Apple and be an alternative to the same level, in the tablets has not completed work as expected.

Years ago Google stopped betting on the tablets, and although the rise of flip phones, smartphones are able to turn into tablets, giving hope that Google re-bet on the sector, have been fully fulminadas by the developments of Chrome OS.

The new tablet mode Chrome OS ends definitely with Android

One of the advantages for the tactile systems with respect to traditional computers is the possibility to interact with the system using gestures. Google introduced the gesture navigation on Android 10 and now the turn has come to Chrome OS in what has been named as the new tablet mode.

Are 4 main gestures that have been added to the big G to his system focused on the computers:

Chrome OS ends definitely with the Android tablets 1

The first is the classic slide to go to the home screen, similar to the iPhone, iPad and Android 10.

Chrome OS ends definitely with the Android tablets 2

If you slide from below and holding down the finger we will go to the menu of multi-tasking.

Chrome OS ends definitely with the Android tablets 3

And following the comparison with the iPad, as the Apple tablet, will appear in the dock if you slide from the bottom slightly.

Chrome OS ends definitely with the Android tablets 4

If you slide from the left edge of the screen will make the action back. Whether in a web page or to exit an application.

Does it make sense to wait for Android tablets?

What is certain is that the meaning of Android tablet makes little sense if we consider the current position of Chrome OS compared to Android:

  • Support updates: devices, Chrome OS is automatically updated, and your support is much greater than that offered Android, coming in occasionally to 8 years old.
  • We have a Chrome browser, complete with their extensions.
  • We have support for Android applications and the Google Play Store. Still has to improve in order to offer the native level of Android, but in a good way.
  • The new tablet mode does not have anything to envy to the tablets.

With all these improvements it is increasingly likely that Google is working on a new tablet, but that in place of Android include Chrome OS. A tablet like the Pixel Slate but with better availability and cheaper could be a great alternative.

The entry for Chrome OS ends definitely with the Android tablets appears first in Android Free.