Chrome downloads crashing? here are the solutions

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Doesn't download Chrome

The web browsers are the tools we use to connect to the Internet every day, but without a doubt, Google Chrome It is the favorite for most users. This makes this software the most used when it comes to download any type of fileSo when this fails, it can be something really relevant.

It is clear that downloading is a task that we have all done at some time and that many of us do quite often. We can download applications, themes, extensions or many other things, all of them included in different types of files. On several occasions we come across errors that complicate our lives and that today we are going to try to solve them.

General solutions

When we have an error in the download in Google we can choose certain alternatives that can solve them, since many times they are faults that we can consider as specific and that with a few simple tips we can make everything work correctly again.

Restart the browser and Windows

In many of the occasions in which we have an error in Google Chrome we can solve it with just restart browser. It is something so simple that we should always try it before thinking of more drastic solutions, since it may be that some tab is giving us an error or that some extension is in conflict.

Then we have another option that we should also do and it is none other than to restart the computer. In this way we make sure that the error does not come from the browser, since we have already restarted it, but not from any type of specific problem that Windows may have.

restart windows

Clear cookies and cache

Another good solution would be to clear the browser’s cache, in addition to the cookies, since it could cause malfunctions and cause that we cannot download a file correctly.

To achieve this, we only have to carry out the following steps:

  • We open Chrome.
  • We go to the menu at the top right (three vertical dots) and click on More tools.
  • Then we click on Clear browsing data.
  • Now we mark the different boxes Cookies and other site data, in addition to Cached files and images.
  • In the time interval we can choose from one hour to forever.

delete browsing data

Update browser and Windows

Must keep updated both the browser and the operating system itself. If not, it may be that the error that the file that we want to have on our hard drive is giving us, the following Chrome or Windows updates have solved it. That is why it is so important to keep everything up to date.

To check if Chrome is up to date we have to go to the menu at the top right (the three vertical dots) to then enter Help and then in Browser information. There it will tell us if we have it updated.

Antivirus problems

It may be that the antivirus cuts the possibility of having the file we want on the computer. They are effective systems, there is no doubt about that, but it is true that on certain occasions they can give false positives. If this file is very urgent, you can temporarily turn off the antivirus so it will not disturb the download. Of course, later we must see how it is configured so that it does not cut what we want to have again.

Wrong extension

The extensions that we install in the browser are very useful in the vast majority of the time, but it may happen that one in particular may have some kind of fault or conflict and it is the culprit that we can manage the download correctly.

To solve it, we must make sure that all the extensions that we have work correctly and if the error occurs since we installed one in particular, it is clear that we must uninstall it to verify that everything works as before.

Download location

Another possible solution would be change the location of downloads of the files, since it may be that in the current folder there has been some kind of conflict, probably caused by a download that we have made recently. For this we must do the following:

  • We go to the menu at the top right (three vertical dots) and enter Setting and then click on Advanced configuration.
  • Now we go up downloads and there we click on Change.
  • We can also check the box so that it asks us where to download the files before doing it.

Download Chrome

Network failure

It may be that while we are downloading in Chrome a message appears that network has failed, so when we run out of Internet in full download it is impossible for it to come to fruition. Undoubtedly this is a problem that we have to solve, since it is absolutely essential.

The solution

To solve this situation, the first thing we must do, before trying to download again, is check our internet connection, make sure that it works correctly, restart the router if necessary and when the network is operational again, go back to what we wanted.

As is evident if we continue with the same problem we will have no choice but to contact the supplier of our Internet service, since there is little else we can do if the problem comes from the connection itself.

Download blocked

This error means that our computer’s own security is what has caused that file to not be downloaded. It may be that the Download files option is disabled in the Internet security settings, so we must make sure that this does not happen in order to solve the incident

The solution

To solve it we must do the following.

  • In the start window we write inetcpl.cpl and click Enter.
  • Throws the window at us Internet Properties and we enter the tab Safety.
  • Then in the Internet area we click on the button Custom level.
  • Now we go up downloads and later File download which we must Enable.
  • We are going to Miscellany, then Run unsafe files and applications to check the option Ask (recommended).
  • We only have to click on To accept.

security settings

No file found

This is an error that occurs a lot and, the truth is, neither we nor the browser are to blame. For example, we go to a website, we click so that a file ends up on our hard drive, but we find that it is not possible because can’t find said file.

The solution

This is a problem that comes directly from the web or from the system where we are downloading. This means that in the path where the file should be, it is not there and therefore we cannot download it correctly because it does not exist. The solution is contact the website or resort to another site to have said file.

Full Disk

We may run into the problem that we have the hard drive completely full and we can’t download anything from Chrome. This can occur especially in somewhat old computers whose hard drives were not excessively large and today they are somewhat obsolete.

The solution

We have to delete files from our computer. That’s clear. We might have many programs that we do not use and we can get rid of them, that the Windows trash is full or that there are documents that do not serve us at this time.

In addition, we can use Windows to reduce the storage of our hard drive by following these steps:

  • Let’s go to Windows File Explorer and we choose the unit that we want to make that has more space.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button and choose Properties.
  • In the tab general we have a button at the bottom that says Free up space.
  • Once inside, we will see how we have several possibilities to mark and thus have more storage space. We choose the ones we want and click on To accept and thus it will release megabytes.

space liberator

No permissions

When we see this error it is because we do not have permission to download this file from a server. This can happen if it is private and we do not have the exact credentials to be able to do it or the ones we have are wrong. This often happens a lot in certain jobs where documents are shared within different servers or cloud systems.

The solution

The first thing we have to do is check if we have to log in to the web or if the credentials we have work. If not, we will have to contact whoever has provided them to us. If we go inside without problems, but it still resists us, then we will have to make the same play and contact the responsible person, because it may be that with our profile we do not have the necessary permissions to download said document.

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