Chrome 86 blocks web notifications on Android

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Table of Contents

Let’s face it, the constant appearance of notifications on the screen was very annoying once we accessed any page of the browser. Not only was it the annoyance, as that could imply risks to the security of the software.

Google Chrome: fast and secure

Pop-up web notification issues

You visit a website to read an interesting article, but haven’t read a single word when you start receiving notifications for you to subscribe. Some sites can be quite persistent or even refuse to show you the content until you subscribe. The surprise comes when by inertia or obligation we subscribe to be able to read the desired content at once.

What happens from there is worth a authentic russian roulette. Nothing may happen or it may lead to problems for our device, such as the terminal turning off, starting to arrive advertising or abusive content through the notification panel. Or even, it may happen that the pop-up window to allow or block notifications of a page simply appears, and immediately we cannot select any option and we have to close the page.

Chrome for Android puts an end to the problem by blocking notifications

In addition to other improvements in the security plane and the improvement of passwords, this version of Chrome 86 implements a new feature regarding pop-up notifications. What it does is block the almost abusive technique notification request.

This is not only done to improve user navigation and remove distractions, but also to avoid malware that sometimes accompanies these requests and the possibility of them accessing the device thanks to the accepted permissions.

message notifications web chrome 86

Through collaborative work with the web tracking service automated by Google, it will detect if there is abusive behavior on the part of the web or if it can cause vulnerabilities in the computer, all with the aim of not showing the requests. In addition, it implements quieter messages to block the arrival of notifications on those websites that try to send this type of content. These messages warn us that the web is trying to send abusive content. Thus, if we click on «Details» and on the button «Continue Blocking», web notifications in Chrome 86 won’t bother us anymore.