Check if your Christmas Lottery number has a prize with Alexa

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Christmas lottery

Smart speakers have become in 2020 one of the most used products in homes in Spain. And it is not strange, since this has been a year in which, unfortunately, we have spent more time than normal in our home.

Thus, we have made more and more inquiries and actions through these devices, in addition to using the assistants from our phones.

Checking the Christmas Lottery from Alexa

Check if your Christmas Lottery number has a prize with Alexa 1

The last function that they have implemented in the Amazon assistant, Alexa, is perfect for today, December 22, the day on which the Christmas Lottery draw is held in Spain, one of the oldest in Europe.

Since we use mobile phones it is much easier to check if a tenth we have has some kind of prize, but with the assistants it is even more comfortable.

If we have an Amazon Echo we simply have to ask Alexa if our participation is rewarded with the command:

  • “Alexa, check if the number XXXXX has a prize.”

All you have to do is replace the XXXXX with the number you want to check.

This command will be activated throughout the morning since although the start of the draw is at 09:00, the wizard’s database is not updated in real time so it may take a while to respond. We can also use other commands like:

  • “Alexa, what is the jackpot of the Christmas drawing?”
  • “Alexa, what are the top of the Christmas drawing?”

If we do not have a smart speaker we can also ask these questions through the Alexa application for our phone, if we have it installed.

If you want to follow all the milestones of the draw without watching television, you can do so by broadcasting in text from the official lottery website.

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