Cheats for Candy Crush: Boosters, jelly, lives …

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If you are still not sure how the game is going, a summary: you must collect candies to explode or to create combos. If you put more than three together, you will create a special candy. The best thing is that you explore what each one allows and you will discover it in the first levels so it will not be difficult to familiarize yourself. There are almost 80 worlds and almost 400 episodes in which we find more than 5,500 levels so practice will help you and it is the best advice. In addition, there are other tips that you can follow to improve Candy Crush on your Android mobile or tablet.

Don’t listen to the recommendations

You will have seen that the game recommends you to collect three or four candies when there is a combination available but ignore it because not always the best suggestion what can you do. Not always what the game is going to tell you is the best combination at that time so you can listen to it only if you do not see any alternative or you think it is the best but you have to be clear that it will not always be the best option available.

Color bombs and specialty candies

For four candies of the same color in line created a grated candy of color that will eliminate the horizontal or vertical row. If they make a corner, a wrapped candy that will explode what’s around you.

Five candies you will get a candy bomb that will allow a great explosion in several modes: if you combine it with a normal one, it will eliminate all those of that color; If you combine it with a striped one, it will turn all those candies of that color into striped candies; if you combine it with a wrapped one, remove all the candies of the same color from the board; If you combine it with another color bomb, you will be able to eliminate all the candies from the board and “restart” everything on the screen so that you have it even easier.

Use the boosters

Boosters are available at different levels – use them. We may sometimes think that it is better to save them for a much more difficult level or one of those where you get stuck and cannot pass. They are very helpful and we are usually reluctant to use them.

Also take advantage of the Candy Crus rouletteh to get new boosters daily that you can use. Learn to use each of them to make the most of them and not bet on one or the other without knowing which is better at all times.


Eliminate the chocolate

Chocolate is one of the main “rivals” and advance to raze everything around. Eliminate the chocolate as soon as possible to be able to eliminate the candies and finish the level without everything turning into a complex chaos that you cannot overcome.

Look at the edges

Another important trick that we can take into account, along with eliminating the chocolate, is that you have be careful with the jellies of the edges because they will always be the ones that will give us the most problems and allow the least combinations.

Don’t make unnecessary movements

We go fast through levels and many times We don’t even pay attention to what each level asks of us. It does not always consist of removing a lot of candy. You have to lower the fruits, eliminate gelatin or achieve a specific goal. Focus on this. Focus on eliminating the jelly or getting the cherry to the bottom and do not stop at unnecessary movements that will not help you pass the level and that will make you spend movements and end up losing.

Play at the bottom of the screen

If there are no major moves to make and you can simply match three candies, play at the bottom of the screen as you will get them to move a lot more the pieces than if you dedicate yourself to moving from the top.


We usually go crazy to eliminate candies without thinking too much, without stopping to study every possible moveand. This is simple in the first levels and you may pass dozens and dozens of levels without trying too hard but things get complicated and the movements are reduced so you better use them well every time you have to move a candy.

Change the clock

Candy Crush has a classic trick and that is Airplane Mode or remove the Internet. You can disconnect the data from the mobile phone or tablet and disconnect the WiFi connection to move the watch. Pon Airplane Mode and advances the clock while disconnected from the Internet. If you have run out of lives and you have already seen all the possible ads, Candy Crush will allow you to continue playing. You can advance the clock half an hour For every life you want and you will cheat

Switch device

If you have the Candy Crush account synchronized on your mobile phone and tablet, for example, we can change devices to recharge lives. If your lives run out playing on the computer on Facebook and you open your mobile, you will start over with five lives but at the level where you just left it on the computer. You have to have linked your Candy Crush account on all devices that you have to be able to change from one to another.

Candy Crush on mobile

Ask your friends for lives

You may catch a mania but surely someone has ever done it. If you connect your Candy Crush account with Facebook You can ask your social networks for help: you can ask your contacts for lives so that they allow you to continue trying with a complicated level.