Change your snap location easily

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The snap location gives your contacts your geographical position. Indeed, some use this feature to find you easily. It only becomes irritating, when you want to go unnoticed for a while. Don’t worry, there are several ways to change your snap location. Find out how to do it.

Your contacts don’t necessarily have to know your position on the snap map. You don’t want to be located for business or personal reasons, or just because you don’t want that feeling of being followed. You have the option to change your snap location for a period of time or forever. It’s up to you to make a decision.
Changing your position can stimulate your movement in certain places. Your contacts may believe that you are on a business trip or in the countryside. During, you are at home in peace.

How does Snapchat location work?

change your snap location

Snapchat has a feature named Snap map. It’s a map built into Snapchat that displays your location and that of your contacts. However, the possibility has been given to you to configure the access of your contacts to your geographical position.

The purpose of Snap is to make it easy for friends to meet across the map. In addition, it also gives the possibility to subscribers to know what is going on around them. You have to share your location in order to make this possible. Thus, you will hardly miss an event near you. You will experience them through the snap card.

Why change its location on Snapchat?

Sometimes we would like to keep our location private for several reasons. Indeed, there are times when you want to be traffic in order to spend to recover your strength. You can do this also because of the professional setting. Or simply, you want to surprise one of your friends. In these cases, it is better to change your snap location. For this, you can use the methods given in this article.

How to change your snap location?

1. Use the Fake GPS Location app

change your snap location

To change its location, you cannot proceed directly. Indeed, snap uses your geographical position by default. This is given directly by the GPS of your smartphone.

As it is not possible to change your location directly, you must use a third-party application: Fake GPS location.
As the sound suggests, this app allows you to bypass your phone’s default location. It allows you to change your current position to another location anywhere on earth.

To use it, you must perform the download from playstore, then install it. Then, the configuration of the application is necessary. Indeed, allow fake GPS location to access your phone’s settings. Finally, please set this app as the default GPS for your smartphone.

Once this is done, you have the option to choose a fictitious location anywhere on earth. This must be done before opening the snap map, then allowing Snapchat to use your current location. This is the location indicated by the fictitious location app. For each change of location, the Snapchat social network will use it automatically.

2. Change your location on iPhone

Change your snap location easily 1

If you are using an iPhone, you can also simulate your snap location. On the app store, there are apps like Fake Location that haven’t convinced me. Indeed, they are chargeable and do not really offer the service. To overcome this, you can download this software from your computer: iAnyGo
It is available in freemium with a trial period under Windows and Mac OSx. It allows you to change your snap location on iPhone very quickly.

To change your snap location on iPhone, here’s how:

  • Install iAnyGo on your computer
  • Then, launch the software, then select “change location” and click on “Enter”
  • Using a USB cable, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer
  • In the map that appears, enter an address or enter the desired location. Then click on ” switch “
  • Now launch the Snapchat app, you will see that your location has been changed.

Change your snap location with a VPN

Another equally effective solution to change your snap location is the use of a VPN. Indeed, it allows to change IP address by selecting different countries. No need to spend to have it, there are several free vpn on the market. However, its main function remains to ensure the security of Internet users online by masking their IP address.

How to prevent location on Snap Map?

If you want to not be located on the snap map, you can do that easily. This is because Snapchat allows users to change location settings. To go unnoticed, you must select the ghost mode option. To do this, from the map, press the settings icon. Then deactivate this mode.

Also in the snap settings, it is also possible to modify the location sharing option. The available options are:

  • My friends
  • My friends, except
  • Only these friends.