Change your photo on Facebook and save yourself the comments

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change profile picture on facebook

Social networks are the main means of communication used by the new generations. That immediacy, that ease of contacting and commenting on everything has many advantages, especially since we can always control our privacy and what others see of us. In this case we will change our profile picture on Facebook so that the others do not know that we have done it and all that that entails.

In social networks, everything we do and publish is susceptible to being commented on, given opinions… Everything. On Facebook, when you change any element of your profile (profile, cover, personal data, contact data, etc.) an automatic publication is generated for all your friends to see.

Normally we do not give importance to this, but the truth is that sometimes it causes cascades of opinions that are the same we don’t feel like receiving, That is why it is interesting to know how we can do so that when we change our profile picture we are not exposed to the free opinions of others.

Change profile picture

Changing our Facebook account photo is very simple. Both processes, desktop version and mobile application are similar except for the location of the elements, which may vary.

In the browser

To change the photo, the first thing we have to do, once we have connected to Facebook with our username and password, is to access our account. To do this we have to click on the icon with our photo in the round. We can find it on the right side of the top menu bar or at the top of the menu on the left side.

change profile picture

We will see the cover photo with our profile in the middle. In the lower right part of this we have the icon of a Camera, we press it. The window will open to choose the new photo that we are going to choose. The options will be endless because first we will see the suggestions of the network itself, the reel with the photos uploaded in chronological order, photos in which you are tagged, photos with your closest friends, all the previous profile and cover photos and then and the photo albums you have since you created the account. If what you want is to add a new photo, we will click on + Upload photo and we will access our team to choose the file for the new image.

change profile picture

Once the image is chosen you just have to adjust the size, the ideal is that it is square, although the way in which it will be displayed will always be circular. We see the Facebook notice: Your profile picture is public, and it is that everyone will see it except the friends that you have blocked. We press Keep and the change will have been updated.

change profile picture

On Android

If we want to do it from the Android application we just have to go to our account and click on the icon in the lower right with the shape of Camera.

Then we will go to Select profile photo to choose another image from our gallery on the social network (within the albums, previous images, application suggestions, etc.) or we will upload a new one from our smartphone.

temporarily use profile picture

On iOS

The process is similar to the rest. We just have to go to our account by clicking on our image. We will find it in the upper left corner or by clicking on the menu icon in the lower right corner and then on View profile above all.

We select the icon of the Camera and click on Select profile photo or video. Likewise, the selection window will open to choose the new image or upload it from our iPhone, the first gallery is our Reel. Once done we give Keep.

change facebook profile picture on ios

Add frames

If you do not know that frames can be added, surely if you have ever seen images on Facebook with different borders, icons, stickers or other similar designs. In some cases they will be pre-edited, but most of them can be add directly from Facebook, are called frames.

When you click on the icon of the Camera to change the image we will see the button Add frame. It is not necessary to change it, we can add the frame to the current image. In the left side half we have the search engine and the suggestions where we will find frames of all kinds of themes.

At the bottom we can configure the period of activity of the framework that we have installed, many of the themes are seasonal or refer to specific events. We will choose the period in which we will have the previous image again between 1 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or a custom duration.

add frame to profile photo

Use temporarily

As with the frames, we can also replace our image temporarily, choosing a period of time after which the previous image is restored. For example, when specific times like Christmas, summer or an anniversary arrive.

To activate the temporality we have to click on the button Use temporarily that will appear just before saving the changes. Here we can choose between different periods: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or customize.

When we choose Personalize We can establish a specific period of our choice, choosing exactly when we want it to be restored to the previous image. A new window opens for us to choose the exact date and time of the reset we want.

profile picture temporarily on facebook

Don’t show change notification

By default Facebook notify all your friends the change, once you do it, the updated image is published, but you can prevent this from happening and avoid comments and opinions from everyone.

In the browser

To remove the message from the notification we will have to go to our account of the social network. We scroll down to see our posts in chronological order and the first, the newest, will be the notification of XXXXX has updated his profile photo.

In that publication we will have to click on the planet icon Land right at the end of the notification message. This is how we will open the privacy menu for that post choosing who can see it: public (everyone), friends, friends except …, only me (this is the option we must choose), specific friends, personalized list or best friends.

privacy in facebook browser version

On iOS

The process in mobile applications is different, but more comfortable and faster. When you change the image on an iPhone or iPad you can activate or deactivate the option Share photo in the News section.

By default it is activated, but in the confirmation menu, when you have to Keep changes you can uncheck the check box. In the same way, if by mistake we have published the notification, or if we have regretted having done so, we can do as in the browser version. We go to the publication in our account, click on the three points of the menu of that specific publication and select Edit privacy to choose who can see that notification.

edit facebook privacy on ios

On Android

The process in the official Facebook application for Android is similar if you want your friends not to be notified of your photo changes on the social network. Once you have chosen the new image, edited the size and added the frame if you wish, you will have at the bottom of the screen the check box to Share your update in the news section.

In any case, it is not a definitive option because if you regret having shown it, or you see that this notification is giving more to talk about the account, you can always hide it. You just have to access the menu of that publication and click on Edit privacy to choose that only you can see it.

edit facebook privacy on android

View profile photos uploaded to Facebook

Facebook cover and profile picture gallery is a native album that is created from scratch on the social network. If you want see all the images you’ve had Since you created the account, you just have to go to your account and click on Photos in the See more drop-down. If you do it from the mobile application you will access it through the Photos button below your friends list. Once there we will click on the Albums button and the first of them will be the gallery we are looking for.

view profile photos

If what we want is to see the images of other people the operation is similar to what we have done previously. We will enter your account and click again on the photo of that contact. It will open large, but with some side arrows that will allow us to scroll through the different images that it has published before.

In the same way we can click on the button Photos from your account and go to Albums to access the gallery. This option is also valid for users who are not our friends on Facebook, we will only depend on your privacy settings, we will only see the images cataloged as public.

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