Change Windows 10 lock screen background

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And we must bear in mind that among the many positive qualities of the Redmond system, we find its ability to adapt. With this we mean the possibility that the user makes certain changes in the software so that it adapts to what he really needs. This is something that is extended both to the functional aspect and to the interface. Thus, starting from this base, the truth is that we all want the operating system to be unique and adapt to our tastes and needs.

In this sense, the Redmond-based firm tries to make things easier for us. For this, it offers us the ability to change a series of parameters that were initially pre-established by default. Here we are going to focus on the aesthetic section of the operating system, where the desktop background is one of the star elements. We say this because most are responsible for establishing a certain wallpaper for your desktop. Well, for those of you who don’t know, we can do something very similar with the Windows lock screen.

And it is that when it comes to personalizing Windows 10Another of these parameters that we find is the lock screen. Here we can add or remove elements and applications, or adapt their appearance to our liking, as we will see later.

What is the Windows 10 lock screen

It is possible that when we talk about this important element, you do not really know what we mean. Well, to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about here, say that this screen is the one that we find in the first place when starting the operating system. You have to take into account Windows 10 by default establishes a login screen with its own background by default.

Therefore, as you can imagine, this lock screen is the one that we find when we start the PC. Here the Microsoft software asks us for our personal data such as the account and access password in order to start the system. Because of all this, it could be said that this lock screen is one of the first things that welcomes us to the boot windows. It is possible that many users are indifferent to the appearance of it. However, at the same time, many others may want to customize this section, for example by removing the default image and using their own or a flat color.

lock screen

If this is your case, then we will help you to establish a personal photo that welcomes you every time you start Windows. Here we can place the photo that we create appropriate, of the friends, the couple, the family, the dog, etc. It is not the same to start the day with the PC with a neutral image, than with one that makes us smile for whatever reason. Of course, we advise that the image we are going to use is of good quality and size, the final result will be more attractive.

Change the picture of this Windows lock screen

Well, to achieve this, the first thing we have to do is save the photo as such that we will use later. As we mentioned before, to obtain an optimal result, we recommend that it be of good size, quality and resolution. A Photo small, pixelated, or low resolution could worsen the look of the lock screen, and we are looking for the opposite. Once we have it saved on the hard drive, what we do is open the Windows Settings application.

We can access it by using the Win + I key combination, for example. Once the new window appears, in this case we opted for the Personalization option.

Customization settings

Here what we do then is take a look at the left part of the window that appears at that moment, where we find the section that interests us. This is precisely the so-called Lock Screen, which is where we stand. Here, at first we find the images that the own Microsoft It presents us by default to use in this section. But what we are interested in here is to eliminate it to be able to use a photo that interests us and likes. All we have to do is click on Browse.

lock screen change photo

At that time we will have the opportunity to select the image that we want to establish in this section, from among our disk drives. It will be added to the previews proposed by Microsoft by default, so we can load more than one and change them over time.

Other customizations of this home screen

As we can see, this lock screen background change is quite simple, but it is not the only thing that we can customize from this section. And it is that this lock screen that we are talking about, can be converted into an interactive function of the operating system itself and that it is useful to us, as we will see.

We tell you all this because in addition to the aforementioned background in the form of an image that we can customize on the welcome screen, we can make other changes. By this we mean the possibility of adding certain Applications that will be located in it so that we have information about them as soon as the computer starts up.

lock apps

Among these we can add some of the UWP Windows 10 such as Mail, Calendar, Weather, Translator, Remote Desktop, the 3D Viewer, etc. In this way, as soon as the equipment is started, on this screen that we are commenting on, we will visualize interesting data that will be located on the background established before.