Change font size on Android

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We are talking about a change from within the browser, without touching other parts of the terminal. Google enables an option with a lot of sense, since an internet browser is the place where more data and elements are loaded simultaneously, not fitting all the content of the web page on the screen. This option differs from the ones we already know and which are very topical to change the font size.

Google Chrome: fast and secure
Google Chrome: fast and secure

Change the font size from Google Chrome

Despite these generic settings, it is very common to find some mobile devices with a somewhat “narrow” or small screen, in which the texts cannot be properly observed. Due to this, Google Chrome has implemented the function to increase or decrease the size of the font or letter, as well as the size of the screen, so that the user can adjust the words according to their requirements.

If you want to change the size of the letter or font on your Android mobile device, you can do it in the following way:

  • Locate yourself on any page of the Google Chrome browser, more specifically, in the area where the box is located to write what you want to search for.
  • Enter the tools menu of the search engine, located just in the upper right corner of the screen and symbolized by three vertical gray dots.

google chrome settings

  • You will find a list of options, from which you must select “setting”.
  • From that menu, we go to the end of the whole, in the ‘Advanced settings’ section. At this point you must select in «Accessibility».
  • We directly enter a screen where we can configure the adjustment of the text, normally balanced at 100%. The bar is fully adjustable throughout its travel.

change font size google chrome

  • On the other hand, we find additional options such as force the page to zoom, show a simplified view of it or even teach subtitles in different languages ​​and font sizes.

Increase page size

If neither of these two solutions works for you, try the last resort, the old reliable one. It is a veteran option in Chrome and frequently used to the point of saying enough. It is about increasing the zoom of a web page, which has been making the page much larger or smaller.

To achieve that, what in computers was to maintain the letter Ctrl and press the + or – button, on mobiles it is only necessary make a pincer gesture outward with two fingers on the screen, which is known as pinch to zoom. There is no other option to do so, which would be absurd considering the well-known gesture it requires.

Go for the classic: increase the size of the operating system

It is a well-known configuration that does not involve any mystery or difficulty. However, despite its years of existence, it is good to remember it because on many occasions this option may be enough, without having to get into other aubergines. However, this change in size leads to a mismatch of apps with screen ratio, making navigation difficult.

change font size android

To perform this simple operation you have to enter the menu settings, we look for the option screen and then we click on font size. Inside the menu «Font size»You have four options to choose from: small, normal, large or huge. Choose the one you like the most depending on your preferences.

Another setting that we can customize is the ” Screen zoom ”, a section that is usually found in the same menu as the ” Font size ”. Basically what it does is expand the view on what is seen on the screen, also having several levels of adjustment.