Challenge 52 weeks to save, the application to manage your savings

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What is the intention of the 52 Week Challenge app? It is not an application that seeks to get you to save in your day to day in small expenses, but what it aims is that you get enough money for something you want or need. Generally you save for what you want so much and how much it costs you. In most cases, it is a “big” expense, such as a new mobile for 300 or 400 euros, a new television for 500 euros, a trip to Japan for more than a thousand euros or a car that could cost you 5,000 euros or more. .

In these cases, the app is organized to tell you how much you should save each week, each month, until you achieve it. If you don’t know how to start and you forget to put the money in the piggy bank, the mission of this app is that you always manage to reach that goal. You can also have several goals in mind such as that little relaxing weekend in December, a new console and a phone for Christmas. You can have several objectives at the same time and follow them.

Install and log in

The first that we have to do is to install it and register. You can log in with your email or with Google directly but also from Apple. Signing in and registering is free but it will be necessary to start using the application correctly.

Challenge 52 weeks to save
Challenge 52 weeks to save

Set goals

Once you have the app and you have created your account, you will see that the interface is very simple. In the center of the app you will see a “+” in which you will have to touch to enter your goal (s). Tap on that button and you will see that it allows you to enter the objective you want. Tap on “Next.” And you will have to fill in another box: How much do you want to save per week? The last box you will have to fill in is: when do you want to start saving? Choose whatever day it is and tap “Next” to finish the setup. You will then have a summary of the challenge:

  • What a challenge is it
  • What is the sequential value
  • How much are you going to earn

Challenge 52 weeks

This challenge will join the main screen. You can follow the same steps to create other goals if you have multiple ideas in your plans. The app allows you to have as many challenges as you want but keep in mind that the amount of money, of course, will be higher.

How does it work

The application allows you to save an amount each week but this will multiply. You should not start saving five euros and it will stay that way until the end, but the original proposal of this challenge is to go saving more and more: the original proposal is to start saving one euro the first week, two euros the second week, three euros the third week and so on until week 52 saving 52 euros. At the end of the whole process, 1,378 euros will have been earned. But the app adapts what you are going to spend to what you have to save. This would be effective if you were to spend just 1,378 but you may need more or you may need less so the weekly income will vary according to your goals. Everything will depend on the money you enter as initial income: if it is one euro, if it is 50 cents, if it is 25 cents …


Once we have created our goals, we keep track of what we are going to save. Each week we will have to add to the “piggy bank” an amount of money. The app does not manage or save your money, it only reminds you that you must save it either in a box, in a piggy bank, in a bank account …

As you enter your goal you will see how much you have saved in euros or in percentage. And the different weeks. Every week, when you save that money, you can mark with a check that you have done it. So you will see how much you have, how much you have left, for what week you go. If you tap on the “i” icon in the upper right corner you will see a summary of details: week, how much had to be saved, date when it must be saved and whether or not it has been deposited.


Thanks to this app you will have a follow-up of what you are saving and it will remind you to enter or save that money so that after 52 weeks you can meet your desired goal.


It is an application that is simple to use, comfortable, without complications. Unlike others, like Fintonic, does not manage your finances or your bank accounts but what it does is function as a follow-up or reminder but you must take care of saving the money.