Cartoon Wars, a fun saga of destruction of enemy towers

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Frantic battles to defeat your opponent’s tower

The general idea of ​​Cartoon Wars could not be simpler: Two towers, two armies and a melee battle to see which one achieves knock down the opponent’s tower. And with this premise there are already 4 games that currently make up this saga, 3 of them are evolutions of it and 1 spin-off.

Cartoon Wars 1, Cartoon Wars 2 and Cartoon Wars 3 are the three main games And if you want the most advanced, you should go for the third edition since it is the most complete. In essence these three titles are the same, they have only been providing new scenarios, new units and new combat modes with each launch. In the latest version they have also added a cooperative mode that will help us to invite a friend to play with us.

Cartoon wars
Cartoon wars

Cartoon Wars 2
Cartoon Wars 2

Cartoon Wars 3
Cartoon Wars 3

Cartoon Wars: Blade is spin-off in which the combat modes are directly reduced to one type and their grace is found in the wide variety of weapons that we will have available.

Cartoon Wars: Blade
Cartoon Wars: Blade

Game features

This game is what is known as fremium, being able to download and play it in full without having to buy anything, but having a large number of payment options so that the experience is more complete and we can even advance faster.

Cartoon Wars Payments

Cartoon Wars is based on an amount of gold that we will have to spend on to improve the defenses of our tower and the quality of our army by hiring new units and improving them. This gold is obtained by killing rival units and beating the different levels, but, as always happens, without paying we will have just enough, so do not spend it foolishly.

Cartoon Wars 3 Guide

The biggest problem with this game may be to get hold of it first, since not as intuitive as it could be. We have a building map that will help us to improve our army or have other battle modes and we have so many options that it can be scary at first. Luckily, we have an initial guide that will teach us the steps to follow in the first missions, so stay tuned if you don’t want to get lost.

Cartoon Wars main screen

How to play

As we have already commented above, Cartoon Wars Saga is part of the theme of tower destruction, that is, we will have to face a rival and destroy his tower Before they finish us off

To do this we will have to invoke our army thanks to a number of manna whose speed of regeneration and quantity will increase with our progress. Each unit costs an amount of mana, but like any strategy game, not because it costs more we will do better. The ideal is to create units as the battle demands. For example, first we will need to use more defensive units, since the rival will always arrive at our base earlier, and then gradually take out the ranged attack units until the rival is defeated.

Dynamic Cartoon Wars

We will also have to use our tower, which will be an active part of our attack. This tower, apart from generating the soldiers, has in its upper part a weapon that will help us launch the first attacks on rivals and keep them at a distance. Of course, its range reaches the middle of the battlefield, so its use is rather defensive.

Game modes

Cartoon Wars 3 is the most complete version of the game and it will be the one that allows us to play all the available battle modes:

  • Kingdom mode: a kind of history mode that will confront us with the machine and will help us to get to know it better and to improve our units and the tower’s defenses.
  • Team Battle mode: This is the ranked mode that is, the way in which we will face other players to see who is the best. As a novelty, we can also play it with a friend in cooperative mode.
  • Siege or Assault mode: Seven different unit types and infinite waves of enemy soldiers to see how far you can go.
  • Gunner mode: In this mode you you take control of your units and you are in charge of pointing and shooting the enemies. Of course, only with pistol-type weapons.

As you can see, we are facing a series of very complete and entertaining games that promise hours and hours of entertainment with our Android.