carry driving license and car documents in the mobile

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The app, as we say it is available for everyone on Google Play. Therefore, we’re going to reel off the most important aspects of the same, and check to see if it is worth or not to have it insatalada of our Android device. It is not an app that has been developed lightly, because the idea is to to formulate a law that regulates the permission of showing the data from the mobileif you forget your driving license.

How the log works in the app

When you open the app, will have to complete a form so that the database match our profile. We must access through the platform Cl@ve, the same that is used to obtain the draft of the income, and once you click on “Access with the electronic identity Cl@ve”, we can already access the app via several pathways.

carry driving license and car documents in the mobile 1

Each has a mechanism different access and although there is a less tortuous than others, we can choose any of the pathways we find most comfortable. In any case, it will be necessary to our identity card, phone number or driving license to register and the app to verify our identity.

my DGT
my DGT

In this step will reward the patient, as the loading speed is notable by its absence. This is because the registration is carried out on a web site, that is to say, externally. When everything is finished, we will return to the interface of the app with total normality. Finally, keep in mind that if you are not registered on the platform Cl@ve, you must have a digital certificate to do this, so that you must apply in person to the office concerned, or via the internet.

The driving license, always with you

This way, you can already enjoy of a full electronic core that collects the various data from the user. Points driving license, history of traffic if we have committed any offense or crime road, in addition to the photo and dates that possesses our document. So, we can go electronically to our data if it is lost or stolen, the physical documentation, so that the card that you bear in the purse, you can carry it in virtual form in the app.carry driving license and car documents in the mobile 2

To demonstrate the authenticity of the document in the app, we will use (or rather used the authority) of the QR code, to display all our data. Even, it is possible to query data about our vehicles. In this section we are going to pause a little longer, because it offers us a way summarized all the data from our cars, motorcycles or any other means of motorized transportation that we have.

carry driving license and car documents in the mobile 3

Such data can be reviews of ITV, technical sheets, a history of traffic tickets or if it has been rematriculado. Also, the managements of these topics, such as payment of fines, purchase of fee or request for quotations may be made from the app, although these roles do not come implemented for the moment and will be coming in the next updates.