Can this copy of iPad OS be an Android rival?

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Can this copy of iPad OS be an Android rival? 1

If we talk about mobile operating systems in Spain, Android and iOS are the two great references, and it is that practically all mobiles and almost all tablets use these operating systems. We know that Huawei is working on a third alternative with Harmony OS, although its first versions have not given this system a good image as it is based on Android.

Is there room for other systems? Well, apparently the guys at Jing OS think so, and they have created their own system and it’s quite curious. It uses Linux and is deliberately inspired by iPad OS, the system used by Apple tablets. Still, it’s promising.

The Linux-based and iPad OS clone that could be a great alternative to Android

Tablets are a device with great potential that is not always well used. The Windows experience on tablets leaves much to be desired, Android has a great presence and good performance but it does not have much priority for Google and although Apple does a great job with iPads, the absence of competition is negative for users.

In the last hours we have been able to know Jing OS, a Linux-based distribution that has been designed with tablets in its main focus. Its creators are proud to bethe first Linux distribution based on the iPad OS styleBecause if you are to copy, it is better to copy a style that is attractive, right?

Can this copy of iPad OS be an Android rival? 2

Beyond a very polished interface, this system has native applications that follow the same design language, animations and icons in agreement and features such as support for multi-touch gestures, both on the screen and on the computer’s trackpad.

Regarding applications, the Jing OS team has created the basic applications, such as a browser, file application or calendar (among others) but being based on Linux it is compatible with traditional desktop applications, such as Visual Studio Code, Libre Office and any application available for Linux.

It’s not the first Linux distribution to be inspired by Apple (Elementary OS is a great example to be inspired by Mac OS), but the project is still noteworthy. One of Apple’s highlights is the company’s good taste in creating an elegant system interface. It is always good to have alternatives that take part of that good taste and apply it to projects that offer a freer alternative.

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Beyond creating its first version for tablets that you can test if you have a Surface Pro 6 or a Huawei Matebook 14 with a touch screen, the team that has created this system expects to launch a version of its system for mobile devices by the end of 2021, for which not only aspires to be an alternative to the iPad, but also for Android phones. Whether or not they will meet these ambitions is something that we will only know in time, but for the moment it is promising.

Jing OS official page.

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