Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead now available on the Play Store

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The Walking Dead is a well-known franchise in Spain, which has managed to maintain its popularity over the years. The television series has given rise to many games, which we can download on Android. From today a new title is available on the Play Store, with the arrival of Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead.

This new game is an interesting mix, since combine the Bridge Constructor puzzle game with the zombie universe of The Walking Dead. Two very different universes come together in this title, which is called to be liked by many. This new game comes to Android, although it does so as a paid game.

Bridges and zombies in one game

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead

In this game we meet the best known characters from The Walking Dead saga, like Daryl or Eugene. We’re joining a group of survivors fighting undead walkers, in a hostile human community. On our way we will have to build bridges, as well as other buildings or destroyed structures. As in other Bridge Constructor games, you are going to have to build bridges that work like physics-based puzzles.

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead

In Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead we meet all kinds of objects that we can use to our benefit, as explosives or decoys, to lead walkers into death traps, while guiding humans to safety. As levels progress, we can get more objects in the game. There are a large number of levels, so entertainment is assured.

The objective is clear at all times: save the humans and kill the walkers. Building bridges in Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is in many cases the necessary way to save humans. This construction will be increasingly complex, which will require concentration and cunning to be able to build those bridges or structures that we need on the levels.

Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead running

Planning will be another important aspect, to advance correctly. Also the game’s action mode is another aspect to take into account, with its fighting in it. The game comes with animations that seek to capture the essence of the television series. In addition, the walkers feature “ragdoll” physics animations.

How to download Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead on Android

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The game is now available to Android users on the Play Store. As we have mentioned before it is a paid game, since its download costs 5.49 euros. It is a price that for many may seem high, although in return we have no purchases or advertisements inside, to enjoy without interruptions. You can buy it from the following link:

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