BOE creates the first flexible screen that folds 360 degrees

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BOE new folding panel

BOE is a company that sounds familiar to many Android users in Spain. This panel manufacturer He has collaborated with firms such as Huawei or Xiaomi on many occasions, in addition to working with LG on its roll-up mobile. The brand has now wanted to show the new prototype of a flexible panel that they have developed, which would be a change in the industry.

Folding has been around for a couple of years now, although all these devices always fold in one direction, either inward or outward. This flexible OLED display that BOE has developed It could be folded 360 degrees, that is, both outwards and inwards.

This is this screen developed by BOE

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BOE is a brand of great importance in the folding segment, when manufacturing flexible panels and also the mechanism of hinges that allow these devices to fold. Its new development manages to go a step beyond what we are used to in folding, by being able to fold in two directions, an option that until now has been unthinkable. It could be the definitive boost in the foldable smartphone market.

In its new prototype it can be seen that BOE presents a panel that uses hinges that allow fold said panel both outwards and inwards. This allows you to use the device in various modes, by being able to fully unfold it, have only one screen to use it, or close it completely. The user will be able to use the device in the desired way depending on the situation.

For now it is only a prototype that the manufacturer has shown, nothing is known about its possible use in the market. Although it must be borne in mind that BOE is a well-known manufacturer, which works regularly with some of the best-selling Android brands in the world, so some of them may end up using this technology. Surely some brand ends up making use of it.

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