Boat Battles developed by Rovio

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Rovio entertainment ventures into a game of a new genre, and to the surprise of many it is not a new angry Birds. In this way, the Finnish developer now dares with her first MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) that she has decided to call Battle bay.

Battle bay
Battle bay

A MOBA in a naval environment

Competition on the battlefield is what we will find with the boat game Battle Bay by Rovio. In this game we will enjoy real-time team battles with players from all over the world. In short battles of five against five we will have to demonstrate our skills and strategy so as not to die and defeat the enemies.

battle bay combat

In Battle bay We will have to improve our ship through the different weapons, armor and skills that we will unlock and level up through the coins that we are getting for free during the games or with real money thanks to the integrated purchases that we will find in this game of free download.

battle bay autopilot

The incentive of Battle bay is to form our own guild to fight online with our friends against enemies from all over the world to top the leaderboards. As in all MOBAs there will be no lack of chat to talk with the players. The graphics, handling and fun are very slick and we just need better control of the speed of our vehicles, somewhat difficult to control being in the water, although, yes, the feeling is quite real.

Crowd of ships to get and customize

The game is extremely easy to learn, since the games are fast and very frantic. That is why it is so surprising that the tutorial is so long, forcing us to play up to 4 games while still exploring the rest of the content to assimilate it. That is what we are here for, to tell about it.

Beyond the action, we have other interesting sections to highlight. Despite being an online MOBA, we have missions that, by fulfilling them, we will obtain different rewards. On the other hand, one of the most interesting activities outside of combat is customizing the ships. They are the most important means of combat, so we did not expect anything other than a large collection of boats to choose and customize. We have different elements to equip the ships and improve them, such as missiles, shields and machine guns. Of course, we do not have much variety with the 8 copies that the game has.

battle bay ships

On the other hand, a good MOBA must have a good social section, and this game does. We can create what is known as Brotherhoods, where we can gather our friends to create private games. In addition, if we still cannot reach that step, the game has a live chat on the main screen to contact any player at the same time, even if we do not have it added.

On the other hand, not everything can be rosy in this title. The sound of the game is tremendously deafening, with a canned noise that reverberates constantly, becoming unbearable. The automatic pilot with which we can move the ship during the game is not a tasteful dish either, which is very unintuitive and which makes the playability difficult for us.

In short, what makes Battle Bay so special is that it is a multiplayer and online game, you will fight in real time against the opponents, so do not let them defeat your ship. The best thing is that it is a totally free game, although with the typical micropayments of a free to play. Take advantage and challenge your friends to see who wins the most.