Blissful Buzz, the new Google Photos feature

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Each person is a world, and for tastes, colors. Many applications offer us different functions to make our day to day easier and rejoice our senses. It is always nice to remember the old times, especially in these times of pandemic that unfortunately we have had to live. In fact, Google Photos has recently added a new tool focused on caffeine, which will show us some of the best coffee mug photos.

As you may already know, the COVID-19 It has led to the closure of many establishments of all kinds. In the case of bars and cafes, essential businesses for everyone, many workers have seen this basic service diminish, and have had to settle for taking it at home or with their families, something that is very common. Having a cappuccino or an espresso in these places has become quite an odyssey in many cases.

A show for coffee lovers

So to help us deal with this, the Google Photos app has launched a special feature for all coffee lovers who have had to live so long without going into their favorite coffee shops. Is about “Blissful buzz”, and it basically focuses on making a selection of all the photos of the coffees that you have taken in the last years. If you have not taken screenshots of these drinks, the application itself offers you a collection with hundreds of images so that you can take advantage of it.

google photos blissful buzz

The operation is very simple: Google Photos automatically selects all the photos you have taken of your coffees. According to the app itself, see a perfect cup of coffee, with its milk patterns on the surface, it can become very pleasant for many users. Caffeine is a stimulant that helps us obtain the necessary energy from day to day, but if we look at a cup of coffee from the outside, it can give us great inner peace. Of course, you should be careful with the photos you consult, as they can increase your cravings and make things more complicated.

Blissful buzz is now available in most versions for Android. As soon as it detects your photos, it will create an album with the best choices. It should be added that if you are not a coffee lover or have photos of this type in your gallery, this function will not help you at all. Finally, if you still do not see this function available on your mobile, all you have to do is wait a few more days until it reaches all devices.