BlackBerry returns to the market, new smartphone in 2021

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The official announcement came in the last days from OnwardMobility, a Texan start-up that aims to create the most functional smartphone on the market.

TO new BlackBerry smartphone: the announcement came in the last days of Forward Mobility, an American start-up with registered office in Texas LLC, which will be in charge of relaunching one of the most popular mobile devices in the late 90s and 2000s (especially by professionals). The intention is very ambitious: to create the mobile phone with the highest performance and ease of use in circulation. The pompous words are obviously circumstantial and designed ad hoc to feed the expectation, the truth is that many lovers of mobile phones with a quintessential keyboard are already rubbing their hands.

We want to guarantee all forms of business, from administrations to companies, to the giants of the global economy, the most powerful, easy-to-use and secure smartphone ever created.

The features of the new BlackBerry smartphone

  • Physical keyboard
  • Integrated 5G antenna
  • Improved UX (user experience)

Usability, functionality, productivity. These are the 3 pillars around which OnwardMobility’s commitment to the production of new BlackBerry. Very little is known about the new smartphone, which will be equipped with an Android operating system, will have a strictly physical keyboard, and if everything follows the expected technical times, it should be marketed in the first. mid 2021 in North America and throughout Europe.

Announcement of BlackBerry 2021 (@OnwardMobility) -2

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BlackBerry is back on the market

The announcement of a new BlackBerry smartphone he left a bit surprised. TCL, the Chinese giant that had acquired the rights to produce the brand’s mobile phones, in fact, in February 2020 announced that it would no longer market any BlackBerry brand smartphones. Despite many people’s preference for physical keys over virtual ones, models based on the Android operating system never had the necessary control over users. Not to mention that they have met a real failure, even in sales. The idea of ​​a company deciding to resurrect the BlackBerry brand was off the charts and hard to imagine.

The first announcement on Twitter

New #Blackberry # 5G The devices are hitting the market since @_OnwardMobility @Blackberry #FIHMobile #temblackberry #smartphone #android #business #Government

– OnwardMobility (@_OnwardMobility) August 19, 2020